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I feel miserable

Strangely enough I do not feel the happiness of being pregnant . I know it's a blessing that most people wish yet maybe the circumstances one is set in decides how one would feel. I left my country came here to study and ups in 2 months got married to an American. I heard American men are the best they pamper and help you out, yet this was/ is not my case. I got married to a cold man, he does not express any feelings and hence don't even touch me. When I started to snore cause of my pregnancy, he abandoned the bed and slept on the couch. At home , he doesn't even lift his glass when is finished drinking. I know it's my culture to serve the man , but men should be considerate especially when your a38 years old 215lb heavy first time pregnant woman. I find problems in breathing and yet I'm supposed to clean, wash and cook . It's a mess that I cannot take. Back home we have the luxury of maids , here with no family and no one to rely on, I just can't take it anymore. I wish I can go back home, but I m stuck here. I feel miserable 

Re: I feel miserable

  • Unfortunately i can relate. I moved from New York to New Jersey and have made no friends since being here. I know having a kid should be a happy thing but with all my frustration at its man-child father and his manipulative, controlling mother i can't help but feel miserable. My family made me depressed and ignored me but at least they didn't make me feel bad when i didn't do something right.

    This is my first pregnancy and i'm not sure if after this ill ever want to go through it again. the father is just so unconcerned about whats going on. Its comforting to know that i'm not the only one who feels miserable being pregnant. 

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