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Any thoughts on this book?  My sister in law has been using its methods and I have to say, her little girl is pretty happy and is starting to sttn at 8 weeks.  I started the eat-wake-sleep on Sunday and that is going really well for us, but so far I haven't been able to put her down to sleep when she is only drowsy - I've always put her to sleep in my arms first.  I also have issues with the book's method of letting them cry!  Wondering if this book worked for any of you or what your opinion of it is.  My LO will be 6 weeks on Friday.

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Re: Babywise?

  • This book is VERY controversial. I'd urge you to do your research, both on the book and on the book's author, rather than just getting opinions on it from a message board. 

    While being a new mom can be very overwhelming, making it tempting to turn to books, I prefer to follow the advise my parent-baby class instructor offered:  read the parenting book your baby read. =) Follow your child. He/she knows what they need better than any book does.  

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    If you decide to look into it, make sure you get the most recent version. The original version has been linked to failure to thrive, but I understand the newest version is better. I haven't read the new version, though, so I can't say for sure. I've read other Ezzo books and was not a fan of his style for older kids.
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  • Read it and take what you like from it. I love the eat wake sleep routine. It has worked for us. I'm not as strict as the book suggtests because we tend to be out and about too much. However LO has fallen into his own little routine. I'm really glad I read this book even if I don't use all the info.
  • I love the eat wake sleep routine too. My baby and I just started on the book 4 days ago and I think it saved me from going insane as baby at over 9 weeks had no routine and was all over the place.

    I usually wait until he acts tired before putting him down and he usually lets me. If he gets fussy I pull him out and hold him for a minute or two and then he goes down without issue. Two times this hasnt worked and he has kept crying and in assessing, I realized he was still hungry both times. Ive made adjustments and he is adapting to the routine without having to cry it out. At the same time I am flexible too and am not forcing him to wait if he is hungry. If you keep at it I bet your baby eventually learns to appreciate naptime in her own crib. I think it is just a matter of time. 

    Before Babywise, my baby slept in his crib fine at night but would only stay after I rocked him to sleep and he would only take naps in my arms during the day. I think the secret is in making sure they are ready for a nap and as your baby matures she'll be more willing to go down. As far as crying it out, I can say as I don't really believe in it and have not needed it.


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  • The book made me a mad woman but the sleep eat activity part worked great for me too! I say don't read it, just ask questions when needed & put baby down once asleep,,, I did & my two year old is an amazing sleeper & always has been :) 
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  • I do know happy babywise kids, BUT most babywise moms I know have had issues breastfeeding. Scheduled feeding can mess up your supply.

    Incidentally, I basically did the opposite of babywise, feeding on cue all the time, nursing to sleep, etc, and my baby has slept through the night since 4 weeks. 


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  • If you want to do a more lax eat, play, sleep routine read the baby whisper.  She talks about EASY, which is basically the same thing but it is not so focused on parent driven feeding.  She talks about if your child cries and has just eaten a full feeding more than likely hunger is not the cause so that helps with learning their cues but she does not say anything about not feeding them or if they miss a feeding wait until the next etc... Also, she talks about learning when they want to sleep and not feeding them to sleep. She does suggest at night cluster feeding and dream feeding to tank them up so they sleep longer.  I did this method with DD and it was great.  At 4 months I started at night feed, book sleep so she still ate within 15 minutes of bed but she was not nursed to sleep. She ended up dropping that feeding on her own.  
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  • Just wanted to specifically comment on the nursing/rocking to sleep thing.  It is sooo extremely sweet to rock your newborn to sleep and I have done it plenty of times, but I want to warn against Always rocking/nursing to sleep because I have seen it cause problems for older babies.  I was a full time nanny for years before becoming a SAHM, and 2 little girls I nannied could ONLY fall asleep with a bottle, being rocked.  Then it was the whole "tip toe to the crib, carefully put them down and pray they don't wake up, tip toe out, floor creaks, baby cries, start all over again" routine.  No one minds rocking a 2 month old to sleep, but when you have a 2 year old in the next room creating havoc it becomes less cute to rock, and rock, and re-rock that 10 month old down for nap. In contrast, another family I nannied for followed baby wise very closely and you could lay that baby down wide awake and walk away and she just nestled in and went to sleep, no problems.  

    Start with the way you mean to go...meaning, don't get your baby completely, utterly hooked on something you plan on quitting soon, or you'll both pay the price later when its time to quit!  

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  • I read it (and just about every other baby sleep book out there) and honestly, I can't even fathom how to convince my baby that he's supposed to follow this routine... If he's not sleepy, he's not sleepy. I tried to use a routine with him for about a week and it only works for night time sleep. During the day he just varies a lot; one day he is ravenous and MUST eat and other days he wants to play a lot and then sleep a lot. Babywise definitely didn't tell me how to convince him that he's supposed to always be sleepy after being awake for a certain period of time!
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  • I liked many things about the book, maybe b/c Im a person that really likes schedules.  We've been doing the eat, play, sleep routine since about week 6 and it works great with my son.  He eats every 3 hours, naps consistently throughout the day and goes to bed at 8pm and wakes around 6am every night.  I may just be lucky with an easy going baby but I feel that having a schedule has really helped both us.  Of course, theres days where if he seems hungry before the three hours then I feed him.  I havent had to have him cry anything out b/c he goes right to sleep when I lay him down at night.  The only thing we havent accomplished yet is taking naps in the crib.  He takes his naps in the bouncy seat, the swing and the play pen so I do have to work on trying to get the naps in the crib. 
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