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Help please! (Pregnancy test-related)

First off, as many of you know, we are soooo not trying to have another LO right now.  We'd love another baby if we had one of course, we are just really not ready right now, if at all. 

I stopped BFing in March, have been on the minipill since C was born, and am really pretty good about taking it.   My periods used to be right on 29 day cycles prior to C but have been all over the place since I got my first period this past January.  For a while, they were 6 weeks apart and then started 3 to 3.5 weeks apart since.  Most recently, cycles have been about 24-25 days long.  So, my last period was July 3rd but AF still hasn't shown up yet.  I took a pregnancy test this morning and while DH says it is absolutely a "no", I think I must be talking myself in to seeing a faint line.  It was a CVS-brand FR so if I was really pregnant I would definitely be able to see the line and not have to wonder, right? Right....?

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