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Hello (from Germany)

Hi everyone!

I just found this site the other day (very new to forums etc) looking for info... after almost two years of trying for a baby, we PCSed to Germany in the spring, husband deployed a couple months later and I found out I was pregnant 5 days after that!  So many emotions, as I'm sure you can all imagine, but one thing I have noticed is (third deployment, first pregnancy) pregnancy makes time pass even slower!  But I'm so excited, I'm trying to use the time to get as much info as possible.

Maybe it's because we're not telling anyone (other than his CO) till my next visit, and once other people know that will help, but just grateful to have found this place to be able to say "hi" and share this experience with others! 

Anyone else in Germany/Europe? 

Re: Hello (from Germany)

  • Welcome.  Where are you in Germany?  We're in Baumholder right now, but moving to SC next week.  I delivered my first DD at Landstuhl.
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  • Bamberg -- I hear Landstuhl is pretty nice, here we have to go off post for everything because the clinic is tiny...

    Just got here from NC earlier this year -- miss the weather!   

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  • I'm not in Germany, but I know what you mean about time going by very very slowly. Or at least it did early on for me. It didn't help that I didn't feel good either during the first trimester so I wasn't doing as much socially. Once we started telling people, after 12 weeks, and I felt a little better I was able to do more and talk about it with others. Now it feels like time has flown by and I can't believe I only have a couple months left to go!

    When I wanted to share my experience or emotions but couldn't really because we weren't telling people in general, I found a journal really helpful. That way I could record my thoughts and organize them a little without having to talk to someone, which is my usual outlet.  Plus I figure down the road it will be a fun way to look back and what I was thinking and feeling at the time, and now it changed. =) Best of luck to you!

  • imagehbreivik:

    When I wanted to share my experience or emotions but couldn't really because we weren't telling people in general

    This is us... A journal is a good idea, thanks.

    I was thinking at some point to put all of my husband and my gmail chats re: the baby together as a record, but I really should  get a journal as well... I'm not the best about writing stuff down, but I'd love to have something to hand to my husband when he comes home to see what was going on since he won't be here for most/all of the pregnancy.  

  • I'm in Hohenfels.  I also have to go off post for all my care, and I absolutely love it.  I had DS here, and am pregnant again and will give birth here about 2 months before we PCS back to the States.  I love the way Germans do their prenatal care.  
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  • I just left there (Wiesbaden) and I miss it so much.  Prenatal care off post is awesome and I really miss my OB.  My routine care appts in Germany are so much different than the ones I have in the US now.  Enjoy Germany and travel as much as possible. 
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