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anyone working out before the 6 week check up?

with my first i ran 4 miles, 4 weeks after having him & felt great!

this time im tempted to start a very slow run, or a walk now,,, just 2 weeks pp.

im not trying to lose weight but i definitly want to feel better about myself. running has always been my go-to, so thats why im tempted but i'll take suggestions if anyone has tried working out :)  


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Re: anyone working out before the 6 week check up?

  • I have the OK to do long walks, the elliptical, and swimming, but no weights or running...which is no biggie for me b/c I don't really do either of those!

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  • Nope :( Dealing with S-I joint and tailbone displacement as a result of LO causing some problems.  I'm in physical therapy which is *so* not high-impact.

    I'm going nuts.  We go for walks together at the mall etc. but I'm definitely not fitting into my bridesmaids dress in a month.  Ugh...

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  • I'm 3 weeks pp and had a c-section so a bit more to recover from, I suppose.  I am a runner but didn't run during my pregnancy.  I kept fit with walking/hiking and yoga.  Now I'm up to walking 2 miles with hills.  Doesn't seem like much at all compared to my 4-6 mile runs but it is what it is.  I'm not waiting until my 6 week appt to start jogging. If I feel up for it I'll jog a bit on one of my walks, but I also know that I need to be very cautious as I don't want to derail my recovery from surgery.

    Also, I'm still bleeding which serves as a reminder to me to take it easy.  That said, I need fresh air on a daily basis!

  • How was your delivery?  How has your recovery been? I know that I couldn't have done that at 2 weeks PP.
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  • i started around 3.5 weeks, but then could feel some pulling in my stitches and had bright red bleeding from my stitches, so i stopped. oops! i got the all clear yesterday though and started again today. so if you do, just be careful and listen to your body!

  • I started working out ~3 weeks pp, because I had a fairly easy delivery. Working out actually gave me energy and made me feel better, but I certainly didn't over do it--just slower runs. Good luck!
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  • If you feel up to it I would give it a try! I had a very easy delivery and exercised all throughout my pregnancy and had the OK to do a 5K at 4 weeks pp. Not my best time but it felt amazing just to finish! Just listen to your body and take a break if you have bleeding or feel sore.
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  • I started walking 4 days pp and running 2 weeks pp. I was done bleeding and had no tears or stitches. I ran until 3 weeks before delivery and then walked/did the elliptical until delivery. I called the nurse beforehand and given that info she cleared me. Even in the hospital the doctor originally only said 3 weeks, not 6.
  • I did P90X abs (16 min) once. I meant to do it every day but ya know, life happened. IMO, you can tell what your body can handle. I say go ahead with what you feel comfortable with.
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