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? about your period...

Hi ladies,

I am about 6 weeks PP and I started bleeding yesterday. Do the periods start back so soon? I'm not breastfeeding so I'm not sure if that makes a difference...


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Re: ? about your period...

  • If you are not BFing yes.  It is a standard question my OB asks at the checkup and I asked her why she asks that at the follow-up and she said it can come back that soon if you are not BFing full-time.  I EBF DD and got mine back at around 12 weeks when she started sleeping through the night.  I am hoping it holds off this time. 
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  • I had stopped bleeding at about 3 weeks & then started again during my 6th week. My doctor said bleeding is normally a bit crazy the first few weeks so he wasn't even sure if my bleeding was my period or not. Then I got on the depo shot & I haven't bled since.
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  • I am just getting over mine and i pumped for the first few weeks after she was born. I had period cramping before hand and during so pretty sure it was my period.
  • I stopped bleeding week 3 and then started again at 5w5d with cramps, etc. I just assumed it was my period. 
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  • I am FFing and got mine exactly 6 weeks PP to the day.
  • I am now 6 weeks pp and am formula feeding. I just got my cycle back this week.

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  • I'm FF and got mine at exactly 8 weeks pp and lasted 2 weeks ugh finally done
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