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if you got stitches...tmi

if you got stitches for any tears/ episiotomy... did they itch when healing??? I am about 1.5 weeks out and my vag itches where the stitches are!! I guess it's better than how I felt a week ago..anyone else?
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Re: if you got stitches...tmi

  • i had a 3rd degree tear and 3 small tears...i itched SOOO bad for so long! sucks terribly...hope u feel better sooN!
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  • Yes! I was itchy as well and because of a bladder infection, I went in to see my doc about a week out. She ended up looking at my stitches to just check and see how I was healing and ended up prescribing me an estrogen cream. This helped wonders!!! I only put it on once at night and it helped heal me faster and stopped the itching. She told me that some woman, especially those who are breastfeeding, are drier down there post birth. Goodluck!
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  • I had an episiotomy that took 4 stitches. Everything has felt perfectly fine down there since 6 weeks, but the area is still itchy :(
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  • Yes, mine itched both times, though definitely worse with my first. Third degree tear and many external as well as internal stitches. 

    So long as there's not a weird smell or anything, you're good to go. 

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  • I tore up and down, I remember it itching a lot as it was healing.  Try to keep things as clean as possible and even laying on your bed with no pants on helped...air it out down there for a bit.
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