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Dan protocols/ diflucan for yeast

I was wondering if anyone has had any experince with treating yeast with diflucan? My sons test results came back high with yeast.  We are starting a 6 week cycle and I am curious what I can expect with the die off process and what improvements anyone saw. TIA

Re: Dan protocols/ diflucan for yeast

  • Diflucan is good for yeast.  Just keep in mind that long term or high doses can cause elevated liver enzymes.
  • Diflucan works, but it can become a repetitive cycle. My daughter was a yeast beast. We had great success with true gut healing, using bone broth to seal the gut, live strain probiotics and fermented foods, improved diet with no sugar / refined carbs. Diflucan is a temporary fix. You might check out GAPS. We aren't a full on gaps family but use many of the concepts for healing with great success. 
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