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Neuro Problems & Alternate Vacc Schedule?

Anyone with Neurological problems follow an alternate vaccine schedule??  I want my DS fully vaccinated, but I'm getting nervous for theses next few rounds (1 year appointment this week) and was wondering if anyone has followed one of these alternate schedules.  Our neurologists office recommended following the regular schedule, and so far we have.  At one point we saw some infantile spasms (since have gone away and EEG looked good) and this was a week after one of this rounds of shots.  Again, I want him fully vaccinated, just wondering.  I saw the below post about vaccines, again just wondering if anyone DID follow an alternate schedule. Thanks.

Re: Neuro Problems & Alternate Vacc Schedule?

  • We do not follow an alternate schedule but we do break them up to make sure she doesn't get more than one each visit (we schedule the others with a nurse visit over the course of the next several weeks).  We also delay DD's vaccinations as long as possible.  We waived the roto virus and flu shot (for personal reasons).
  • We did not follow an alternate schedule.  But I refused to give more than 2 vax's at a time and never more than one live one (except MMR, I couldn't find someone who offered it split). 

    Sometimes that meant driving back to the dr's 2 weeks later but it worked for us (the pedi was literally .5 mi away).

    I have seen no signs of regression or seizure activity from DS in regards to the vaccines. 

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  • We stayed on the regular schedule and my son just had his 1 yr shots, he was a little crabby and we saw a slight increase in seizure activity for a couple days, but then went back down.  We're still working on getting rid of them :-(
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