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single artery-delivery ?

:poking in from 3rd tri:

Anyone have experience to share with single artery umbilical?  I'm not overly stressing but I just can't help but worry somewhat about the cord being compressed during labor/delivery.  So far my various doctors/midwives have been very low-key about it and not offered a ton of info to me beyond we're doing weekly NST's and the growth is great.  They've mentioned nothing about inducing me or anything which I know some people have done as a precaution...  I definitely will be asking more in the next few weeks about delivery but was wondering if anyone had info to share.

TIA and congrats on your new little ones!

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Re: single artery-delivery ?

  • My little girl had SUA. I don't think there's any greater chance of an SUA cord being compressed during delivery than a 3 vessel cord.  

    Upon discovery of her SUA at the anatomy scan, we were referred to Maternal Detal Medicine. We had a fetal echocardiogram done, because SUA can be linked to heart problems (DD was fine).  The plan was for ultrasounds every 4-8 weeks at MFM, depending on how she was doing.  I also was prescribed baby aspirin until my 36th week to thin my blood a bit to help it through the cord.

    Unfortunately, my DD developed IUGR, so we spent all of 3rd tri at MFM having an ultrasound and 2 NSTs per week. Luckily,DD grew a ton right at the end and her IUGR was considered resolved. Had it not resolved, I would have been induced at 37 weeks. But this was because of the IUGR, it was never considered simply because of SUA.  

    My water broke at 38w2d. DD was born via uncomplicated vaginal delivery. I went natural, so I was monitored only intermittently, but she was never in distress during labor at all. She was born with a nuchal cord (cord around her neck) and was still perfectly fine. The cord in no way impacted her delivery, or her development since birth.  

    SUA can be a soft marker for some bad/scary stuff, but if that were the case for you, I'm guessing you'd know already and be having a lot more monitoring. So stop worrying.  LOTS of babies get SUA, and the majority of the time it is no big deal at all. 

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    After almost 2 years, a bleak multiple-factor infertility diagnosis, a miracle surprise BFP while waiting to start treatment, SUA and resolved IUGR, the best thing that ever happened to us is finally here!

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  • My first boy had this and he was fine!!  No need to worry:)
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  • DS2 had a SUA.  The biggest concerns with that are that the kidneys didn't develop properly or that the nutrition becomes compromised and the baby doesn't grow enough.

    When they discovered my SUA they sent me to an MFM.  I had 3 Level II u/s's.  20w, 28w, 33w.  At 33w DS was in the 50th%.   I also had twice weekly NST's starting at 30w. My doctor wanted to induce me at 39w but the MFM said as long as there are 2 kidneys, baby is measuring well, my fluid is within normal limits and I pass all the NST's there was no reason for inducing early.

    I went into labor naturally at 39w1day and vaginally and unmedicated delivered DS at 6AM the next day.  He was 8lb 9 oz. 

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