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To swaddle or not to swaddle...

My kid is an expert escape artist so I am kind of at a loss and getting frustrated.  My instincts keep making me feel like I KNOW she sleeps better with a swaddle, but by the time she wakes up to nurse during the night she is always out of her swaddle.  I have Happiest baby on the block and swaddle her just like Dr. Karp suggests, very tightly...I even worry about it being too tight sometimes!  

So the night before last I thought to myself "well since she is getting out of the swaddle, maybe she doesnt need it anymore" so I nursed her and laid her down without a swaddle, she laid like a spread out starfish for about 5 minutes and then I watched as she socked herself in the face on accident before she woke herself yesterday I went and got a swaddle me blanket thinking this would be the answer, well I put her in it last night and she moaned and groaned like she was being tortured and I could see her little arms trying to move under the swaddle.  She wouldnt have been able to get out of it, but she wouldnt fall asleep either...

 HELP!? Any one else experiencing this or have any tips?  

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  • hmm, mine wiggles in the swaddle me for awhile but she does sleep in it.  Sometimes they are sleeping quite well even when they are wiggling, it's REM sleep from what I've read.


    try the miracle blanket?   

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  • She is 5 weeks btw...
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  • why not swaddle her with one arm out?  This is what we do, sometimes with both arms out...

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  • We have the same kid. Mine busts out of her A & A swaddle, but I still prefer it. The SwaddleMes make her mad, which makes her more awake. Plus, she can still manage to get her arm out the neck hole, which seems unsafe. We have a Woombie that she cannot get out of, but it totally freaks her out. I don't think she likes feeling trapped. We'll stick with the muslin blankets until she outgrows the startle reflex. 
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  • I too have a mover and shaker/ escape artist. He fusses the most when he is in the swaddle sacks that velcro. I agree w/ PP that sometimes it helps us to leave one arm out. I also picked up some blankets from Carters- they are thin, stretchy 100% cotton ones and they have been a lifesaver. He can still wiggle around but the fabric seems to move with him and "give" a little because it is somewhat stretchy so he doesnt get out of the swaddle nearly as much.  I swaddle DS with his hands folded over his belly and I leave his feet free- he sleeps like a champ now.
  • I have an escape artist too. We leave her arms out. I even leave them out when I use the Swaddleme blanket. She'll find a way to get them out anyway. 
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  • Look up double swaddling on YouTube, or order the Miracle Blanket (BRU or on the Miracle Blanket website).  It's the only thing that DD can't escape from (and she doesn't even try, like with the others).

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  • DS likes to have her hands by her face.  She would get upset and escape from her swaddle at first because we swaddled her with her arms pinned...and way too tightly I believe in retrospect.  Now either her arms are bent under the swaddle with her hands by her face or her arms are completely out of the swaddle flailed to each side of her.  It is quite cute, actually.  We have her sleep in long sleeves, otherwise her arms to get too cold.
  • I have a swaddle me blanket... I put down a burp cloth inside and wrap each end around LO's arms to prevent escape. It seems cruel but she sleeps great and instantly calms when I do it. I saw it on a blog... It basically turns the Swaddle me pod into a Miracle Blanket.

  • I found the post!!! This is a better visual.


  • Try the miracle blanket! It is awesome.
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  • I've stopped swaddling (8 weeks) and at 4 weeks or so (maybe earlier) I gave up trying to swaddle with arms in.  She wanted her arms out.  So I kept them out, she was happy.  That transitioned to not swaddling at all (used a sleep sack/blanket if it's cold) and it doesn't make any difference to how short/long she sleeps.
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