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IUI #2 + question

Our second IUI is tomorrow!!!  I feel so lucky that we were able to roll right into the next attempt this month, with everything working perfectly around our vacation.  Keep your fingers crossed for me that #2 is the charm!


And for all of you who have done IUI's, I have a question...  How many IUI's did your RE do before he/she started talking about going to IVF????  I tried talking to DH about this last night (he needs to be prepared and think things through ahead of time) but he was not ready to think about anything else beyond what we're doing at the moment.  I know #2 is probably a little early to start thinking/worrying about all of this, but that's just how I am...  My insurance covers 6 IUI's but I'm wondering if my RE will suggest moving on to IVF before we exhaust all of those options and if anyone else has had to face this situation...  What did you decide to do?

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Re: IUI #2 + question

  • Hi there.  I am doing my second IUI this month also.  The general consensus is 3-4 IUI's before IVF.  After that the success rate goes down by quite a bit.  If we aren't successful after 3 or 4 we will be moving on to IVF even though insurance doesn't cover it.  GL to you this month.

  • I was thinking 3 or 4 also...  Thanks!  GL to you too!
    Me(27): diagnosed with Ovarian Dysfunction w/ Annovulation DH(31) TTC since 6/12 Clomid, Bravelle, and Ovidrel IUI#1: 7/2/12 = BFN IUI#2: 8/1/12 = BFN IUI#3: TBD
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  • Good luck with IUI #2!

    I don't have much advice but I'd think 3-6 cycles. It really would depend on your diagnosis as many skip IUI altogether and others stick with it for much longer. I imagine he'd try different drugs before moving you to IVF as well.

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  • We did 3 IUI + clomid cycles before moving on to IVF. Good luck with IUI #2!
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  • We will do 6 IUI's before IVF. A lot depends on your diagnosis and what you, your husband, and your RE are comfortable with. 
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    I did two IUI's before moving on to IVF.  My RE recommended 3, but our odds were about 15-20% with IUI and 60+% with IVF, and my age was a consideration.  Additionally, insurance doesn't cover any of this for me, so I felt like I was wasting money on the IUI's.
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  • Good to see that someone is going through with all 6...  I'm not sure exactly how I feel about it, but I know that's what my husband will probably want to do.  I tend to go with whatever the RE suggests/recommends whereas he tends to question everything and really think it through...  I guess we'll see what my doctor recommends...but I'm really hoping that this IUI works and I don't have to think of the options beyond it!
    Me(27): diagnosed with Ovarian Dysfunction w/ Annovulation DH(31) TTC since 6/12 Clomid, Bravelle, and Ovidrel IUI#1: 7/2/12 = BFN IUI#2: 8/1/12 = BFN IUI#3: TBD
  • I'm triggering tonight!! And my IUI is Thursday! We have insurance that also covers 6 cycles thank God!! Our RE stated that she prefer's to do only 3 IUI's before going to IVF. We are on IUI #2 Thursday so FX for everyone that's going to have an IUI or IVF done this week & in 2ww! I have PCOS and hubby has low mobility so with IVF not being covered by our insurance we started discussing what our next step was after IUI #1 didn't work...we would really like to have at least 4 but I've done some research and spoken to a few ladies that have gone through 4 and said it's basically as waste of time.....hopefully, #2 works!! GL!!!



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  • Yes, I hope 2 is a good number for both of us!  It's good to know someone else who will be exactly in the same place as me...that 2ww can be brutal! 
    Me(27): diagnosed with Ovarian Dysfunction w/ Annovulation DH(31) TTC since 6/12 Clomid, Bravelle, and Ovidrel IUI#1: 7/2/12 = BFN IUI#2: 8/1/12 = BFN IUI#3: TBD
  • My RE suggests IVF after 3 or 4, but was willing to keep doing them since my insurance would cover them and I responded well.  IUI 2 and 7 worked but we m/c both, then gave up on IUIs. 
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  • 2 injects IUI and then IVF mainly due to my age. Good luck with your decision.
  • Frankly, the decision to move to IVF is yours. I didn't wait for my doctor to start talking about it before I brought it up...I wanted to know what his thoughts were on success rates after 3 IUIs. we had a conversation about my situation and how i felt about doing IVF and came to a decision on when to do it that worked best based on my physical and mental state. 

     We did IVF after 5 unsuccessful IUIs (not including one canceled IUI).

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  • My RE recomends 3 before moving on.  My insurance also covers 6 medicated cycles, so I think that I will use the meds from my unused IUI's for IVF (if it gets to that point).  At least then ivf will only be 6k instead of 10k (eeeek)
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  • Our first RE originally wanted to try three IUIs with Clomid, then meet again. When those three failed, we met again and she prescribed three more with Femara. I was canceled once, then had one IUI with Femara.

    Sometimes, she will continue to do more IUIs with injectibles, but this RE finds that they are only marginally more successful, so she would have wanted us to move on to IVF after about 6.

    Knowing that we are OOP and broke as h*ll, she recommended that we try a research study that was offered at the time for a shot at getting free injectibles. Unfortunately, we were randomized into the pill group and mucked through four more IUIs with "research meds" that were most likely Clomid again.

    ...and now here we are...

    So, I guess the short answer is, DH and I discussed doing 6 IUIs, then ended up doing 9 because they were free and we had no moolah. After tons of extra work, saving and a small miracle, we are now doing IVF.

    I genuinely hope, however, that you do not have to go through the same thing and that IUI #2 is your lucky cycle. GL!


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