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2 month check-up

We go for my LO's 2 month check up on Thursday and I'm dreading the shots! I felt so bad for her after her 1 month vaccine and she was very fussy from it as well.

I was wondering how your LO's did with the vaccines, did they have any reactions? I'm a FTM and a bit paranoid when it comes to my baby girl lol 

Re: 2 month check-up

  • My baby girl screamed but she was calm before we got to the car and was fine all day no reactions. The doc told me it could make her sleepy and I was kind of hoping for that because she never sleeps but no such luck. The shots go real fast took the nurse less then a minute to give her everything. Good luck
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  • I am also really nervous for this appointment. For the 1 month shot my daughter screamed so hard that her face was literally frozen. We are not looking forward to that again!
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