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LO w/bad gas. Dr rec emfamil ar??

DS is extremely gassy. Right now he's on similac sensitive. We've also been giving him gas drops. Some times of the day are better than others but he's grunting and straining a lot. I called the pedi yesterday (we've asked them about it several times and they keep saying its normal). When I finally heard back the dr said if we want we can try emfamil ar. I looked up reviews and the major complaint is that it causes constipation.  It's also for spit-up which DS does little of. Wouldn't a formula that causes constipation give him MORE gas?DH and I decided to wait out to serif he gets better and if tis is just normal. I try to bicycle his legs which he hates. I also put alarm wash cloth on his tummy. Any other ideas?  Please excuse typos. I can't seem to go back and correct on iPad! 

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Re: LO w/bad gas. Dr rec emfamil ar??

  • My LO was having the same problems, he was on Enfamil Newborn and we switched him to Enfamil Gentlease, he seems to be adjusting well to it. Much easier to burp and he seems a lot happier.
  • I thought that's what she would recommend or gerber good start gentle. I was surprised by the rec as it didn't seem to fit his symptoms. 
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  • I would suggest enfamil gentlease or gerber good start Soothe
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  • DS was switched to Gentlease due to gassiness and fussiness around 2 weeks old.  Fast forward to now, he is only worse.  He has other symptoms too, but we had his stool tested for blood which came back negative but the pedi still wanted him to try Nutramigen because I guess even if the blood test is negative that doesn't rule out a milk protein allergy or sensitivity.  We switched yesterday and last night DS was completely happy and content...no screams.  Who knows if this will keep up but so far so good.

    I guess my point is Gentlease only seemed to make my baby MORE gassy than before he went on it.  Every baby is different so try something out and if it doesn't work talk to the doctor again!  Good luck!

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  • image jrgoogrl:
    My LO was having the same problems, he was on Enfamil Newborn and we switched him to Enfamil Gentlease, he seems to be adjusting well to it. Much easier to burp and he seems a lot happier.
    same here. lo was extremely glassy and fussy, once we switched to gentlease she was much better. are you having spitup issues? i thought ar was for acid reflex, not gas.
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  • He rarely spits up. Maybe once every other day. It's really the gas that is the issue. He also only poops once a day. Today he was straining so hard with gas I thought for sure he was pooping but it was just gas. He does better if I give him gas drops but I haven't been doing that every feeding since it says only 4x per day. 
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  • We started on enfamil newborn.... Tons of spit up/gas. Tried enfamil gentlease.... Was even worse. Next up similac sensitive was better but gave her diarrhea. This was all in 4 days!! Pediatrician suggested Similac advance but the Ready to feed NOT powder. I did not know but powder is not recommended until 3 months as many babies cannot digest it and get super gassy. We are now on ready to feed and doing much better!  It's much more $$$$ but only for 3 months 
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