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Diaper Dude / Diaper Diva Bags

Has anyone used these?? I am looking for a diaper bag and can't figure out what I will like best (messenger, tote, backpack, big purse).

I work from home, so we'll be in a lot, but once baby is old enough there will plenty of outings for a diaper bag to get some good use. I need something big enough, but not bulky. I am unsure about a tote or big purse, and having it keep sliding down my arm while I'm carrying a baby - so I was leaning towards a backpack style, but can't find one I like. I found this Diaper Diva bag that fits over you like a messenger bag, but I don't know if I will like it going across my body?






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Re: Diaper Dude / Diaper Diva Bags

  • I would make sure that it either fit inside the bottom of my stroller or could hang on the back handles of it easily. You probably won't carry it if you're using a stroller, so make sure that it works for you. 

    Someone got us a monogrammed diaper bag that didn't zip closed, and DH was always tumping it over and spilling the contents of that bag EVERYWHERE. I had to throw it away after he spilled some milk in it and didn't clean it properly. Black mold is not your friend! I would get something that's lined in plastic, or can go in the washing machine.  

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  • I like it. It doesn't seem bulky, and it doesn't look like it will keep banging against stuff when you are walking.
  • image MandJS:
    At the end of the day, it's all about your personal preference. A specific diaper bag can be great. My SIL just uses a regular Jansport backpack. I have a larger messenger style bag that I love, but that is not specifically meant to be a diaper bag. Etc.


    It really is all trial and error with the bag. You will either end up loving it or hating it - says the girl who has had like 7 diaper bags after having one child! Still trying to find the perfect one for me. 

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  • I am getting the Petunia Pickel Bottom Boxy Backpack because it's perfect for my active lifestyle and easy to use and very attractive. My husband really likes the diaper dude and his sister is getting him that one for his shower gift. Very functional and orgaanized. He was going to use a Jansport Backpack, but realized it was to unoraganized for him. I suggest going and trying them out as well as talking to people that have one.
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