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belly button

My son is 16 days old, his stump fell off at 6 days.  This morning while BFing, i noticed his BB was bloody.  Could it be from me positioning him?

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  • It takes some time for it to heal on the inside.  It could easily get irritated from being rubbed against something.  Just keep an eye on it but no reason to worry unless there are signs of infection.
  • Ours LO's BB did the same thing.  For a few days after we'd see crusty dried blood inside the onsie.  It's still healing to I think this is totally normal. What isn't normal is if there is pus coming out or smells really bad then it may be infected.
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  • Our LOs bellybutton ended up being cauterized. It fell off really early and the stump portion never dried. What he had was a umbilical granuloma that needed attention. It was very obvious though that something wasn't right. It was bright red and oozing, but not bleeding. He developed an infection around the area that needed an ointment but it's 100% better now. Keep an eye on it but if you think something isn't right get it checked out.
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