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Sono results.

So I had my Sono done on Friday. I asked to have another one done after our Fresh IVF cycle turned into a CP. I'm glad I asked to have this done before doing a FET because there is a big band of something that stretched from the top of the uterus to the bottom. They said scar tissue, but I don't know where that would have come from, and I do have a history of polyps, so that's what I figured it was. But since it is so large and actually stretches from the top to the bottom, who knows.

So, I'll be having surgery again to have whatever this is removed. We are looking at the end of the month for surgery whic would put me in October for the actual FET. I would start Lupron Sept. 2.

Re: Sono results.

  • I am glad that they found whatever it is and you will be on the road to your bfp soon!
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    February - operative hysteroscopy
    Late April/May FET #2

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  • You made a good choice to ask for that sono. I'm sorry you have to face surgery, but I hope that it will bring you a happy outcome. Best of luck.
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  • Sorry that you have to have surgery, but happy to hear that you are moving forward.  GL!
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  • Awesome to be your own advocate like that! Bummer you have to go through surgery but great you are finding out this information now before your FET. Best wishes on your surgery & good they will be able to get this taken care of for you so soon.
  • I'm glad you found something out.  It's always nice to have some answers.  Good luck :)
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  • image Deardra77:
    Awesome to be your own advocate like that! Bummer you have to go through surgery but great you are finding out this information now before your FET. Best wishes on your surgery & good they will be able to get this taken care of for you so soon.

    Yes. This exactly!  Good for you for requesting another sono -- and kudos to your dr. office for listening and following through!!  Hope this gets you one step closer to a wonderful outcome. :)

    Married June 2007, TTC since May 2010. Me=40, age-related infertility, DOR, low prog, low AMH. DH=37,low morph.
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  • Good luck, Daysie. Hope this clears everything up for you :)
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    IUI #6 + Clomid = BFN
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  • Hope taking care of that does the trick and I hope time flies and your FET is here before you know it!
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    4/20-surprise BFP and another c/p 4w2d
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    FET#3 8/20/12 - 1 blast - BFP!! Beta #1-2=177, 354
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  • So glad they found it and can remove it. Good luck! I hope that is just what you need to get a sticky baby!
  • It's unfortunate that you have to have this surgery but at least it will be a step towards your BFP! GL!
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    8/2012 Begin 1st IVF, Menopur+Bravelle+Ganirelix

    8/11/2012 ER, Holy Crap we had 31 eggs!! Developed Severe OHSS - Delayed with 10 Frosties

    9/2012 Begin 1st FET, Delestrogen+PIO+Crinone

    9/13/2012 1st FET, 2 Beautiful Embies... 9/25/2012 Beta - BFN

    10/2012 Begin 2nd FET, Delestrogen+PIO+Crinone

    10/26/2012 2nd FET, 2 Beautiful Embies...11/7/2012 Beta - BFP

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  • I'm sorry that you have to go through more surgery but I hope this brings you answers and your take home baby! Also - kudos for you for being your own best advocate and getting this done! Well done.

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  • Glad you went with your gut on the sono.  Best of luck to you on your upcoming surgery, I hope it's an easy fix!

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  • Best wishes and FX that the surgery helps lead to a BFP!
    TTC since honeymoon in 9/2010
    Me: 39, Dx DOR (FSH = 10.5, AMH = 0.43, best AFC = 10), AMA
    MH: 37, Dx Obstructive Azoospermia, multiple successful sperm retrieval procedures

    1/2012: IVF/ICSI #1 Antagonist = cancelled d/t poor response to max stims
    2/2012: IVF/ICSI #2 MDLF (4R, 4M, 1F) = BFP, saw heartbeat, missed m/c 9w0d, D&E
    8/2012: IVF/ICSI #3 EPP/MDLF (7R, 2M, 1F) = BFN

    12/2012: (New RE) Operative hysteroscopy to remove scar tissue

    1/2013: IVF/ICSI #4 Low-dose stim/Antagonist (AFC=6); ER=1/26 (5R-couldn't access rt ovary, 5M, 4F), ET=1/29 (trans 3) = BFP!; 2/11 beta#1(13dp3dt)=2127, 2/13=3367; twin girls due 10/19/13

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  • Best wishes with your surgery! Sounds like you will be one step closer to a take home baby!
    me:29 DH: 30, married 5/2009 and stopped BCP, actively TTC #1 since 3/10, told "don't worry" by OBGYN 8/10 (idiot), new OBGYN and RE 7/11, HSG and all look good (slightly elevated FSH at 9.5), strict SA for DH (morphology 3%, all else good)

    Clomid 50 + trigger + TI=fail,

    Clomid 50 + trigger + TI=fail,

    Clomid 50 + trigger + IUI=fail,

    Clomid 100 + trigger + IUI= c/p,

    moving on to IVF 5/12: ER=18, 16 mature and 14 fert. with ICSI

    E2 sky high and developed moderate OHSS, did a "freeze all" on day 2

    FET 8/3/12--2 little embies, BFP 8/10/12 (7dp3dt), beta #1 (8/13)=110, beta #2 (8/15)=278

    Praying for our own little butter bean:-)

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