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All I have to say is.......................ugh! Hubby and I still have 2 years and 8 months here. This place stinks. I'm currently looking for jobs in SC, so I can blow this popsicle stand. lol I will miss hubby, but I can't do this place. In addition, I need to work and there are zero jobs here. I know my hubby's career is important, but I did not go to college for nothing.

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  • That's the Military life. I'm currently in Lemoore,Ca which is the middle of no where with no jobs but there is no way I would leave my DH.
  • Oh wow. You're in Lemoore? I know this base does a lot with them. I am so over this place, and the jobs here make me want to cry. lol I am considering leaving, and it will be so hard, but I have to do what I have to do. How do you like Lemoore? I heard there is more there than Fallon.
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  • Not really...it's farm town here. Fresno is 45 min. away but with gas prices right now so high we only go there maybe once a month. The only job I could get here was at the NEX onm base. I don't work there anymore because I would be paying more in childcare now that DS is away. We are transfering to FL in Oct. So canKt wait for that. SC is so far....have you though about staying at least in the same state but maybe going to a major city for work like Reno or Vegas? At least you could see eachother on the weekends then.
  • We got out of orders to going there last May! I was medically disqualified since I had to have surgery last summer and apparently there aren't any places nearby!
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