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Favorite overnight diaper?

I just ordered a third Blueberry pocket because we have 2 that I love for overnights but having the third will make life a little easier. 

What do you girls like for overnight?  And if it isn't a pocket, what is it?
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Re: Favorite overnight diaper?

  • I use fitteds and wool overnight.  We switched to that from pockets when DD was around 5 months old because she became a tummy sleeper and pockets just weren't working anymore.  I prefer twinkie tush night nights and Wild Coconut Wear wool covers.
  • For DS I use either a Bububebe fiited with PUL cover or a Kawaii overnight stuffed with MF and hemp.
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  • Usually we use a Thirsties fab fitted with an extra Thirsties hemp insert and a Flip cover. I'm going to need some bigger covers when I have to unsnap the rise on the fitteds, though, because the Flip barely covers it all as-is. I've also had good success with BG 4.0s stuffed with the MF insert+a Thirsties hemp insert+a Thirsties cotton insert. My girls pee a lot AND sleep 8-12 hour stretches, so we need to be able to absorb a lot of pee.


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  • Typically a fitted with an extra hemp insert and wool.  If we're travelling I love the flip organic insert with a flip cover.  Until recently I could get by with just that, now I add an extra hemp insert and we're good to go!
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  • We use BG 4.0 stuffed with OS MF insert, MF NB instert and Thirsties hemp. LOVE them, have been using them since DD was about 7lbs (she was born at 6 and went down to 5# 8oz (I think bc they are so stuffed they fit well!) and never had a leak!
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  • Double stuffed kawaii. One bamboo and one MF insert. 
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  • Fave ON: Monkeysnuggles fitted with an extra babykicks one-size hemp insert under an Econobum cover.

    I sometimes use a BG 4.0 stuffed with the big MF insert and a large babykicks premium insert, but I don't think this will be sufficient for very much longer.

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