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EBF baby and poop color

Anyone who is EBF'ing experience greenish poops post day 5? I know all the books say it should be the mustardy yellow and i remember that from y first, but here I am day 9 with my second and she is still producing green, spinach looking poops. I mentioned to my pedi. One said 'you can't worry about the color indicating anything.'. The other said it should be changing to yellow. I go back in a week to discuss that and get our weight ck. just curios if other moms experienced this. Btw, my baby was a bit jaundice and has already gained all but 3 oz of her lost weight back. 

Re: EBF baby and poop color

  • I was told that in breastfed babies green poop meant too much foremilk. Do you have an oversupply?
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  • Ditto PPs.  This happened w/ DD once and I just made sure to keep her on at least the 1st side until I was empty and it went away pretty quickly and never came back.
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  • We just got over this too. Feeding on one side worked great and we're back to normal yellow and seedy diapers. I'm still feeding this way because I have so much still (especially in the morning).
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  • I agree with everyone else.  It could be too much foremilk.  My DS has had some green poops in the past couple months.  So I then made sure he was nursing long enough to make sure he was getting the hindmilk.  Also, I think consistent green poop could be an allergy but I am not positive.
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  • Thx ladies. This could be the case....my boobs are VERY full. I was also switching sides so I will try feeding her on one side at a time now. 
  • I also just read jaundice can cause green poop so this could be the cause too...
  • My baby has been having green poops for over a week now.  I asked our pedi about it yesterday and he said not to worry about it.  I thought for awhile that he wasn't getting enough hindmilk, but at the rate he is putting weight on, I don't think that's the case.

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