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Restaurants/Coffee Shops near Egleston

I've got a friend whose 4 month old is having surgery at Egleston this upcoming Thursday and will be there for a few days. A few of our friends were wanting to get some giftcards to nearby restaurants and coffee shops. Does the hospital have any on site, such as Starbucks? I couldn't find anything on their website as far as what they have. Also, does anybody have any tips for post-surgery for cleft palate repair? He'll have his arms restrained for 5 days to prevent from tearing the stitches and didn't know if anybody had any tips for keeping him distracted from that.

ETA: We all live down in south GA and I've never really been around the Egleston hospital or I would know or could drive around to see what is there. 

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Re: Restaurants/Coffee Shops near Egleston

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