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Gait Trainer Moms in Canada (Alberta specifically)

Hi Everyone!

 My daughter has an appointment next week to be fitted for a gait trainer. As you know, they are incredibly expensive. In brief, my question is where can i find a cheap one, or a loaner?


Long version, they are looking at a $2500 one for Pietra. I know AALD (?) will pay for 75% and i can claim the rest through my health spending account. Sounds great except for the fact that because government approvas take so long it will be a minimum of 6 weeks and up to 3 months before we get the trainer. She cannot wait that long. Her mode of transportation right now is bum scooting which kills her legs (scratches, splinters, bruises, carpet burn, can't wear pants 'cause it's been 25-30 degrees). The other way she gets around is by walking and us holding her either under her arms (our poor backs!) or holding her hands (her poor shoulders, wrists!) and she just wants to walk all day long. We need this thing NOW. If I pay out of pocket I can get it in 2-3 weeks (and no the government won't reimburse me).


Any suggestions???

Re: Gait Trainer Moms in Canada (Alberta specifically)

  • No in Canada, but this is a pretty universal issue. My insurance (Us) covers at 100%, but it still took about 6 months to size, order and get DS's walker. Many PT places here have some kinds to loan/trial. Some cities have medical exchange places and they might have one for the interim. Depending on how much support she needs, you might be able to use a Nimbo in the interim. It is much less stable and has very few support options available compared to a gait trainer. It is cheap though (relatively) and for those of us in the US can come in just a few days. 

     A simpler option might be something like baby legs (I think i read somewhere they even make them in a light mesh) or very light pants.  my kids have pants that are the thinnest cotton. It won't hold up too well probably to too much butt scooting, but would probably make it until it cooled off.

  • Have you talked to them - the clinic/department that lo will be getting the gait trainer from? We have a lot of equipment we've gotten on loan through AADL or the Children's until DS' stuff was ready (because some things are custom fitted, you won't get it right away anyhow). Also talk to them about payment options. Some of DS things are out of pocket, not direct billed to our insurance. So we've talked to each of the clinics about payment plans, and once we were finished paying, we could submit the bill to insurance for reimbursement or keep the receipts for tax claims. They also provided his equipment straight away - as long as it was ready to go.

    Bottom line, you have to specifically ask and let them know about your financial situation, otherwise they assume you can pay up front. They will work with you! Good luck.

    ETA: My neice didn't get hers right away either, like I said, custom item, it takes time. They gave her a hospital loaner. And in three months, we'll be out of the heatCrying.

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  • We'll be meeting them on Wednesday to figure out what exactly she needs. There is just no way we can wait three months and there are no loaners available (or rentals). 


    Its just such a hard yet easy decision. Do we delay her freedom another 3 months so we can get one for free or do we pay (in the end it'll be up to $900) to have it in 3 weeks? To me it seems easy considering we used to pay $300 per month for pediasure. My husband is jut trying to be "financially responsible". I get being financially responsible but at what cost? 

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