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Does anyone use them?  They are based out of St. Lukes hospital.  I would love to hear your opinion....
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Re: St. Louis Pediatrics Associates

  • caidancaidan member
    We use Dr. Laura Hartman there and like her. It is a fairly big practice and always busy. We have only been in for well visits so far and have scheduled the next visit while there.
  • Same here- dr Hartman. And I really like her. It is a big practice and they are always busy, but when I have needed a sick baby appointment they get me in right away. Like once she said come in right now, I can see you right away.... Also when you leave a question for the doctor over the phone, the DOCTOR always calls you back, so you can ask additional questions.
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  • We use Dr. Sato in that practice, and absolutely LOVE him! We have always been able to get into the dr. that day if we need to, and the doctors always call us back within the half hour of us calling. Definitely recommend them!
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