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is there a 'magic answer' as to how much a 13 week old should sleep?  LO is now sleeping between 6-10 hours overnight, and takes naps throughout the day.  he eats, and stays awake for about 1 or 2 and then naps.  i just wonder if this is too much sleep, and progressively how much they should sleeping as the months go on.  LO is our first baby, so i truly have NO clue about this one.


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  • God bless you! I wish our child slept that much when she was 13 weeks.

    They say 15 hours a day is ideal the first year but some days our DD gets 10 and some days she gets 17. It will fluctiate based on the physical activity and food. I would not worry about your child getting too much sleep, what you dont want is the baby getting too little sleep. Make sure you monitor how much food (BM or Formula) your baby is getting. As long as he is getting enough and he is growing you are blessed Smile

  • oh haha, this is the first week he started sleeping through the night. we were a little slow at getting black out curtains in his room.  since we put the curtains up, its been wonderful!! especially since my other friends lo's were sleeping through the night pretty immediately since 6 weeks old. 

    now that i know he is supposed to sleep excessively still, compared to us, i feel better about the amount he sleeps.  

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  • Here's a helpful chart:

    At this age, about 15 hours of sleep in a 24-hour period (including about 3 naps and overnight sleep) should be expected. 

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    God bless you! I wish our child slept that much when she was 13 weeks.


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