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I know this topic was covered before I was part of this group and I read some of the discussions, but what I would like to know is WHEN do you start this book?  I just read through "Lifebooks - Creating a treasure for the adopted Child" by Beth O'Malley and I love some of the information she provides.  What I am not getting is WHEN do you make this book?  Obviously it needs to be after our LO is born so we can have photos included, but what age is a good age?  Any thoughts for those who have them?

 Also for you foster moms out there are any of you doing a "memory box"?  I loved that idea for foster kids.  What a wonderful way for them to preserve some memories.


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Re: Life Books

  • I plan on doing pics and books for each placement we will have. I already have a few small ones on hand for when the time comes. Personally I feel it is very important for kids that are placed with us.
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  • For now I made a book for dd thru Shutterfly.  I used pics of us waiting, at the hospital, with her birthmom/family, and with our family.  I did this for her by her first birthday.  I have an updated version now with pics from her finalization day in it, too.  We look at it at bedtime quite a bit. 


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  • I started DS book after he was born, it starts with our journey to his birth state, meeting his birth family, bring him home, meeting family... and goes through to finalization. Also used shutterfly.
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