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Anyone deliver at Mercy Gilbert?

My doctor only does Banner in Mesa, Mercy Gilbert or Chandler.  I've hear bad things about Chandler, and my Dr personally recommended we choose Gilbert or Chandler because they have better care for babies.  So I guess I'm left with MG.

 Has anyone delivered there and want to share their experience? 

Re: Anyone deliver at Mercy Gilbert?

  • I was going to deliver at Mercy Gilbert, then we moved. So I ended up delivering at Chandler. The L&D was AMAZING!! I loved them. However, the recovery was so-so. 

    Sorry I am no help, just thought I would stop in and let you know it wasn't all bad. GL! 

  • I need to pick between Chandler & Mercy Gilbert, too. I don't know which to pick.
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  • I have always heard great things about Mercy Gilbert, the recovery rooms are huge and the entire hospital is very clean. I think it would be a good idea to tour both hospitals though. Bring any questions your have with you so you can be sure you are picking a hospital that is in line with what you are looking for. I know if you are looking for a more natural approach to birth that Mercy Gilbert is the way to go, but chandler is better if you are high risk because Mercy Gilbert does not have a NICU.
  • I took a tour of each one, since we live directly in between the two. I knew right away that Mercy Gilbert was the right place for us- maybe it's just the newer, cleaner feel of the hospital. Luckily, I had a complication-free delivery and healthy baby, so it was OK for me that they didn't have a NICU. I'm planning to go back to MG for this pregnancy, this time with a midwife. Definitely take a tour of each before you decide!
  • I am also having to choose between Mercy Gilbert and Chandler.  I have heard horrible things about Chandler!  I have done research on both and Mercy Gilbert looks very nice.  I have yet to go on a tour, but I have friends that have delivered there and they said the birthing suits are great and their food is awesome!
  • I toured both.  Each has pluses and minuses.

    At Chandler, you stay in one room for labor, delivery & recovery.  The room is spacious & has a fridge.  The bed for your SO is a good size.  It's not very homey, though.  It feels hospital-like.  They have a NICU & level 2 nursery, which means they can care for babies delivered at 27+ weeks.  There are a lot of staff and more patients.

    At Gilbert, you have one room for labor & delivery and a different room for recovery.  The L&D rooms are nice and big.  The recovery room I saw was tiny.  They have community fridges, but not in room ones.  They do not have a NICU or level 2 nursery, so they can't care for a baby delivered before 34 weeks.  It's much quieter with fewer staff & fewer patients.  The rooms have a more homey decor, but smaller beds for your SO to sleep on.  There are crosses in every room, in case that bothers anyone who's not Christian.

    Both have tubs available if you want to labor in water.  Both have tv & movie channels.  Both have wifi & internet access from bed.  Gilbert has webcams in the recovery rooms and skype, in case you want to introduce the baby to people over the internet.

    I am having a terrible time picking a hospital.  I just cannot decide.

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  • I delivered at Mercy Gilbert in February.  I absolutely LOVED it. The rooms I had were very spacious and the staff was wonderful and caring. I'm hoping I can have my next baby there.
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