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Home Study - Almost Done!

We had our second and last home visit yesterday and my SW says she plans to get it all written up by the end of this week!  Then it has to be reviewed by someone else but that person is going on vacation in a few weeks and wants to get it done before she leaves, so we may end up getting our home study completed even sooner than 6 weeks.  I'm pretty happy with this agency.  If anyone is in the Raleigh area looking to get their home study completed feel free to message me for the details.

One downside, I know the waiting is going to be so difficult and it seems like we'll be to that point pretty soon.  And to make matters worse, my MIL seems to have a very unrealistic concept of how long we could be waiting.  She made a comment yesterday about how she thinks we'll have a baby by Christmas!!  What is she thinking?!  It'll be bad enough with me obsessing about when it's going to happen, but I don't need to deal with her too.. I like to think positively, but we all have to be realistic here. Hmm..

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Re: Home Study - Almost Done!

  • CheleChele
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    Good for you for having a relatively quick home study process. We hope to finally start the process ourselves after our vacation in Sept. 

    I'm sure your MIL is just excited about having a grandchild. But I see how that might work on your nerves a bit.  

  • Congrats and GL! You never know, you may have a short wait. I hope her "feeling" is correct!
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