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Possibly relocating to Miami area- HELP!

Okay, So DH may be eligible for a promotion that involves relocating from ALL of our families in the Philly area and moving to the Miami/Ft Lauderdale area.

As much as I love Florida, I'm completely stressed out at this even being an option (it would involve moving BEFORE my EDD- or staying here while DH moves there)... switching all doctors, etc.  We have no friends or family there.  Stressful to say the least.

My question is- how is it down there?  Weather?  Cost of living?  Where are nice areas to live?  Average cost of a 3-4 bedroom/2+ bath home?  Property taxes?  Etc? 


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Re: Possibly relocating to Miami area- HELP!

  • I grew up in Philly and now live in Miami Beach. I'd love to help you figure things out. Miami can feel like a whole other world from the NE US, but there are many benefits to South Florida. Before I give any advice you should tell me more about your situation. Feel free to PM me if you want.

    Where is your husband potential job located? This will make a big difference in the areas you want to live. Traffice here is crazy so you're going to take commute into consideration.

    Are you looking for a city or suburban place to live?

    Property taxes in Florida are probably higher than what you're used to. There is no income tax in Florida, so the main tax is property tax.

    It is hot in South Florida most of the time. Right now it's pretty oppressive, but the winter here is so amazing all your friends in Philly will be jealous. 

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