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Time Flies

Well, it's been a wonderful 7 weeks, but today was the day that I had to put DS into day care. *pout*  I know going back on a Friday is a little weird, but that's just how my experiments work!  Luckily my boss is okay with me easing back into work, so I'll only be here 3 days next week.  But I freaking cried my eyes out this morning when I left him at the day care.  I never thought I'd be one of *those* moms that gets so upset over putting my kid into day care.  Didn't understand it until I had my own little bundle.  As nice as it is to be back at work and have some normalcy, I can't wait to get off and go get him and snuggle all night (and weekend) long! 

As a side note, all that stressing I did about day care - I went from having no choices to having 4 facilities contact me within 48 hours with less than 2 weeks until I needed to go back to work! Crazy how things work out. 

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  • Hope your first day was ok and that you got lots of good snuggles at pickup time!
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  • I feel your pain.  I had to go back to work at 6 weeks and it was tough but I was leaving him with my mom.  My mom goes back home in 2 weeks and he is starting real daycare and I'm dreading it.  I don't have the luxury of easing back to work b/c I started a new very demanding job so my poor boys are going to be in daycare for very long days.  Boo. 
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