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So what it's my Bday ughhh

Before I vent please understand that I do appreciate my mother for attempting to make my birthday special. On that note I really just rather not be bothered. My mother planned a surprise bday party for me on Saturday. I am currently redoing our home little by little before DH returns from deployment. She has invited everyone to my house for the party. I have 2 days to shampoo carpets, scrub grout, straighten, organize, and spend extra money to finish a few small projects to make our home presentable enough for guess. We have beige carpet so we don't walk on it with shoes on. Well half of the guest she invited feel that they don't have to take their shoes off. I have no problem straightening this matter but honestly who wants the frustration on their bday? I am 3/4 of the way through DH's deployment and just rather spend my bday on skype with him and then go to the circus with our LO. I called her tonight and told her thank you but in the future please don't. I love my mother and understand her intent and even if it were at a restauraunt that would have been better because its less work and money on my part (as far as getting my house in order). Sad to say but I will be glad when the day is here and over.  

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Re: So what it's my Bday ughhh

  • Ugh, I would be so annoyed! I'm sorry you had to deal with that, but yay to your husband coming home! Hopefully once he is back you will forget about all this stress now. Also, happy late birthday :)
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  • While it's sweet of her to want to make your birthday special, I think it was inconsiderate of her to plan for the surprise birthday party to be at your house.  You're the guest of honor - you shouldn't have to clean the space for the party and then clean after.

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  • I agree with PP! 

    First, happy bleated.  Second, sorry you had to deal with that on your birthday.  Yes, while sweet of your mother still fustrating since you had to get everything presentable for the party that you didn't plan.  :-/ 

    I hope that everything turns out!

    And congrats for being almost done with your husband's deployment! 

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  • Thank you all for understanding and allowing me to vent. Yes, we are really excited to be over the hump of his deployment and can't wait to finally have him around for the Holidays since DS was born.
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