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OB recs?


 I previously posted to ask any opinions about Emory Women's Clinic...but thought maybe I could still shop around for a doc since my first visit won't be until next month when I'm 8weeks. 

 Does anyone know of any good OB/GYN's in the decatur area that deliver anywhere but Dekalb Medical? I haven't called too many places, but it seems everywhere in the Decatur area only deliver at Dekalb Medical...No offense to anyone who went to Dekalb Medical...but I'd really rather deliver at Emory or Northside, or Atlanta Medical Center. 

I really hate traffic though...so I'd rather stay in the decatur area if possible...I don't mind travelling out to Northside or Midtown/etc on delivery day...but feel like the traffic might get old for the prenatal appts...especially towards the end when they are so frequent. 

Any ideas?

Re: OB recs?

  • kegkeg member

    I think you'll be hard pressed to find an OB in the Decatur area that delivers at one of the hospitals you're looking at.  In my experience, OBs tend to have offices in or near the hospital where they deliver.  If you find the right ways to go, the traffic really isn't too bad.  I live near Emory and have no problems getting to Midtown or Piedmont most of the time.  I know ways to Northside and AMC that wouldn't be bad either--they just aren't places where I've normally gone.   

    I have heard a lot of good things about Intown Midwifery that delivers at AMC.  It looks like they have a meet and greet next Wednesday night if you're interested:  https://www.intownmidwifery.com/about-us/meet-greet/

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  • frlcbfrlcb member
    I delivered at AMC with Intown Midwifery and can not say enough good things about them. Their office is right at AMC, and it really wouldn't be that far from Decatur.
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  • I don't know of a practice in decatur that doesn't deliver at Dekalb. I think you'll have to find a practice close to Emory or AMC if that's where you want to deliver. Most practices only deliver at one hospital around here and have their offices close by. 

    I delivered both of mine at Northside. It's only about 15-20 minutes from my house in Decatur. I would usually try to schedule my appts for the middle of the day to avoid traffic on 285. It's a pain to drive anywhere for yhose 10 minute appointments towards the end, really. But you make it through. My suggestion is to Decide where you want to deliver and then find an OB practice that you like. Good luck!

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