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I am a naturally very skinny person, this is my second pregnancy although my first was almost 8 yrs ago. I'm 15 weeks and so far with gaining a little and losing a little I am still right where I started at 110. Although I can see my hips and bum more and I have a tummy... I hate all the "oh, you don't look pregnant at all" comments. Yeah, I do just look like the average slightly overweight american with access belly fat, but I'm not. I feel like I'm getting bigger and it's bothering me that it's not showing on the scale or to anyone else :(

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  • If your doctor is not worried, then you shouldn't be. If I could, I would be more than happy to give you some of the 30 lbs I have gained so far... Wink


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  • Usually with a second pregnancy you "pop" earlier and start looking pregnant, but since you are so thin it may just take a little longer.  I think most people who have been pregnant have had that same feeling, though, of wanting to look pregnant rather than just fat  It will happen.  Like the previous poster said, if your doctor is not worried about your weight gain then you shouldn't be either.  Good luck!
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