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Ft Carson - Army Hospitals

Hey everyone! We are stationed at Ft Carson and while DH is deployed I want to get my facts straight before we start TTC #2! How is Evans Army Hospital? And for those who have delivered off base how does Tricare work? If I go Standard for delivery, can I switch back to Prime? I have been told that the hospital is one of the better ones and I know they do VBAC which is what I would like to go for as long as circumstances allow it. Thanks ladies!

 Anyone stationed at Carson or the area bases? Would love to meet new people too!

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Re: Ft Carson - Army Hospitals

  • I went through my first pregnancy, labor, and delivery and the 1st trimester of my second pregnancy at Ft. Carson's Evan's Army Community Hospital.  I have nothing bad to say them.

    Since I used the base services for my pregnancies I can't tell you how standard works but I give 2 thumbs up to civilian OB/GYN Dr. Weary; however, last I knew he was located way north in Colorado Springs while the base is way south. Dr. Weary was my gynecologist prior to meeting my husband. I always thought he'd deliver my kids but I never bothered to look into civilian doctors once I got pregnant since I was on TriCare.

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  • I'm here! I had my son there and I'm going there for this baby also. They were pretty good over all I got a healthy baby at the end!  


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  • We are stationed at Carson, but even though I have 3 boys, this is my first pregnancy at Evans, I've only had 2 appointments but both have went smoothly and I've loved the nurses and midwife so far!

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