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DH is gone :(

So the first time he left was for A.T. - not too bad because it was only 2 weeks.... Now he is gone for months! Oh the life of a military wife! I miss him like crazy and it has only been 24 hours!!!

 What did you or your families stay in touch (Picts, videos etc) when you or your dH were deployed??? Just want to make sure DH still feels involved!! 

Thanks in advance for the ideas!  

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Re: DH is gone :(

  • If you have time when you get his address you can send me a package once a week. When my husband deployed I sent him a package every Wed. Priority mail usually takes 1 week to arrive depending on where he is. You can record his favorite tv shows and send them disc. Send his favorite snacks or toiletries. Cards and letters are good too. My husband letters were better than e-mails because he could take the letter with him wherever he went. Printers aren't always accessible to print out those "love" emails. Video chat helps a lot, but it'll depend on hubby schedule. Hope this helps. :)



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  • it depends on branch and his job. My husband is a marine in infantry so when he is deployed there is very little contact. Internet is our best friend because i could email pictures or ultrasound that way... But when he was in iraq the skype thing wasnt really an option for us because he was always on missions and they didnt allow that in his area...

     if your husband has a more laxed job then skype is cheap and the best way to go... try recording when the baby is moving so he can see it... you can make little videos everyday or every couple of days and take pics once a week so he can see the changes and whats new. My husband has told me depending on the job, if skype is available they can allow video to be synced with hospital if you deliver while he is away

    Just know you are not alone, I turn 37 weeks on tuesday. My husband is at AT for two more weeks and I am terrified that he will not be here!

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  • Thanks ladies!! 
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  • I put together a calendar at Walmart counting down the months until he returned. He looks forward to turning the calendar to another month because each month dispalys a different picture of DH and LO or all of us. I write letters weekly because he loves getting mail. I send two huge care packages a month. I recently just purchased a small video recorder (sony bloggie). I love it now I now record LO and the dog, us reading books to daddy, outside playing, etc then I download to my computer and we make DVD's and mail them so DH can laugh at all the silly stuff. We made one this week and it was classic. We have a Rhodesian Ridgeback Shepard and she is 102 lbs. Our DS it 21 mos and 25 lbs. and was attempting to walk our dog. I was recording us taking  the dog out to use the bathroom and while the dog was using the bathroom I turned the camera toward our son he was urinating through his diaper on the sidewalk. My son is just looking down at the puddle and when he finished he looked at the camera and says uuuttt ohhh dada. I hurried and put it on DVD and can't wait for DH to get it. We do finger painting projects, slide shows, and when we skype we make sure to end the calls with prayer as a family that is lead by DH. When Dh has time he writes short stories for DS and mails them so I can read them at bedtime.
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