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Paid Maternity Leave in Philadelphia?

I was wondering what companies/organizations/workplaces in Philadelphia offer paid maternity leave. As child-centered as my workplace (a pre-school/kindergarten) is, and as much as I love working there, I will only be getting 6 weeks unpaid leave (the bare-minimum). I'm curious to know if there are actually still places that offer paid leave. 


Re: Paid Maternity Leave in Philadelphia?

  • I work for a school district and its the same. 6 weeks unpaid unless the employee pays for short term disability. We can take more time but its still unpaid and the disability stops.

     They will continue to pay medical benefits for up to 89 days after the 6 weeks on disability so I guess that's something. 

  • During my maternity leave I worked at a catholic high school. I had 8 weeks paid leave which was due to the use of my vacation and sick time. Then I had the remaining 4 weeks unpaid. FMLA will allow you to take up to 12 weeks.

    I now work for a university and should I have another child, whatever part of my leave is "unpaid"  will allow for short-term disability to kick and while I won't get my full check, I will get something. If and when we do have another child, I would again look into taking the 12 weeks.

    I don't know of too many people that pay you for leave. Usually you have to use up the time you have saved, and then from there it varies I suppose. 


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  • I work for the government now and we get unpaid leave unless we use our accrued sick/vacation time.  I used to work for Merrill Lynch/Bank of America and we were offered 3 months of paid maternity leave.  We could add our sick/vacation time to the end of it too.  Very generous!  As much as everyone currently hates the "big banks" they really were very pro family.
  • Wow. That's awesome! I wish more places would follow suit.

     I'm at a university, and had to use all accrued sick and vacation.  Then, if you were still within 6 wks for a vaginal birth or 8 for a section, short-term disability would kick in.  Anything else would be unpaid up to 12 weeks. 

    Sigh. America is so behind in this area.

  • I'll be getting short-term disability, but it's annoying working for a European company and seeing all my colleagues there getting a year off with pay - I would love to move back there again for that! I also had more options working for real tech companies on the west coast, but Philly just doesn't have that depth of employment options, alas.
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