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MaterniT21 PLUS test -- where to get it?

I asked my OB about this test (well, actually, the NP, who I saw for my 16-week), and she said they would have no issue prescribing it, but I was the first person in their practice ever to ask, and they don't know where to send me for it.

A week later, I am still waiting for a call-back with more info. I called them again today to remind them. In the meantime, I thought someone on this board perhaps had the test and can tell me some places/labs in the Philly area where it's offered.

Thanks, ladies.

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Re: MaterniT21 PLUS test -- where to get it?

  • I've never heard of this test and I didn't have it done when I was pregnant so I did a quick Google search. 

    I came across this website. I'm guessing they are in North Jersey (?) but maybe they can help. 

    Just being nosy, but what is the reason to have this one done instead of the other blood test that they can do? 

  • Thanks. My doctor actually finally found out that they can do it right at the perinatal center in my local hospital (Lankenau), so I will just go there.

    Yeah, this is a brand-new test that was not around when I had my first daughter a couple years ago. It gives 99% accuracy on chromosomal problems with just a blood draw. The benefit is that the other blood tests are only screenings, using hormone levels to make a prediction, so if you come back with a high chance of an issue, you have to get invasive testing, like amniocentesis, for a true result. MaterniT21 takes the place of an amnio -- it separates the baby's DNA from your own DNA in your bloodstream and tests it directly -- so you get amnio results with just one simple blood draw and no risk to baby.

    It is just now starting to be covered by insurance, but even if your insurance does not cover it, the lab only charges about $235 out of pocket -- so well worth it.

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