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SAHM brain?

i think i found my brain on my pillow this morning. since i had my son and didn't go back to work i have been getting dumber. i need to be intellectually challenged in some other way. my brain has turned to mush and fell out of my ear. anyone else?

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Re: SAHM brain?

  • Yeah, I feel that way a lot.  I've started listening to books on CD (I'd rather read, but it's hard to find the time), writing a blog, and attending a Bible study.  I've also found out that schools like Yale and Harvard offer free online classes in subjects like philosophy, history, and psychology.  I haven't started any yet, but I'm looking into it.  They seem to have helped a bit.  Maybe you could try something like that.
  • I don't feel intellectually challenged because I do work at home and in my career I am challenged (althought it is creatively challenged) daily. But I do feel I do not do enough for myself. I do for my clients, I do for my kids, family and home. So I've been trying to make it a point to get out with friends or take my oldest daughter out to shop or to the movies just to get out and have conversations that aren't with toddlers. I found a great painting class I recently did that I loved and hope to be able to do that more. I find it helps and refreshes me.
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  • Sometimes I feel that way, but lately, I've been trying to take time to do things that I enjoy - like baking and crafting.  It makes me feel great and refreshed!
  • I feel that way occasionally.  Hubster gets home from work and I realize that I haven't used my normal voice or spoken in a complete sentence all day, and then I get to work on my master's thesis.  "hmmm what's another word for 'ba'?"  It takes me about an hour of sitting by myself w/ a cup of tea to get into school-mode.
  • I do get SAHM's brain and now pregnancy brain on top of that...
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