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pediatricians in tempe/chandler area

Not sure if this board is really just slow or if it fell victim to the forum formatting issue...

Does anyone have recommendations for pediatricians in the Tempe/Chandler area? We live around McClintock and Elliot and are hoping to find one in our area.


Re: pediatricians in tempe/chandler area

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    I use Dr. Venezula at Mesa Pediatrics here: (gilbert office), but they have an office in Tempe and Chandler.

  • Several of my friends use Dr David Curran and like him
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  • I love Healing Hearts Pediatrics. They have been wonderful with my son. I also have an 8 year old daughter and I wasn't thrilled with her Pediatrician, so I transferred her to their practice and I am so glad I did. They caught things that previous Drs. had missed. I also liked that they come to the hospital when you deliver, which was surprisingly hard to find.
  • We use Oasis Pediatrics on Elliot by the Gilbert/Chandler city line and they are incredible.  Both of our kids have chronic conditions (one was diagnosed at birth, one they found!) and they are gentle, caring and FAST!.  I don't think we've ever waited in the lobby for more than 5 minutes after arriving.  They also leave plenty of openings every day for "sick" appointments so we have never had a problem getting in same-day when we have a problem. 

     And being the adoptive parent of two toddlers (who moved in with us at 2 years old and 9 months old) we have had a lot of questions and "Is this normal" and they always take the time to listen to us and answer our questions fully.  They don't try and just rush us out of the office.

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  • Not sure if you have a doc yet or not - but I love my family doctor, and he sees newborns as well as the entire family. 

    Dr. Gil Holland (hes the only doc in the office!!! Only has one PA, and shes awesome too). He is at Queen Creek and Alma School Rod (about 2 miles S. of 202 Santan freeway). He is a great doctor, and we plan on using him with our baby girl, plus he sees all of us. Not sure if thats too far for you - but thought I'd share :) 

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