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Peeing every 15-20 min??

I'm 33 weeks right now and LO is really low. Today I've felt a lot of pressure and movement super low and it has me running to the bathroom every 15-20 minutes. Is this pressure and movement so low and bathroom running normal?

Re: Peeing every 15-20 min??

  • I have to pee like that sometimes, especially if i am drinking lots of fluids and baby is moving ....  
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  • Could be. I was told that if you feel a lot of urgency and nothing is coming out it could be a sign of a UTI. Otherwise, it's probably just because your bladder is being squished.
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  • That happened to me at about 33/34 weeks as well (i'm at 37 now and he is extremely low). I was certain the baby had dropped or he was on his way. 

    I literally pee multiple times an hour. It's becoming a hassle, but it is what it is. My doctor said it's because he is literally just squishing my bladder.

    Just always know where the bathroom is wherever you are -- and dont resist you'll just be more uncomfortable.

    I pee before leaving the house, drive 10 minutes to Target, pee before I start shopping and either pee halfway through my shopping trip or when I'm finished, and then rush home to be able to pee again. Same with at night, I get up atleast once an hour to pee.  Awww pregnant lady problems.

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    Thanks guys. Makes me feel better that I'm not alone!
  • I am not kidding, I am 35 weeks and for the past three nights I have gotten up twice every hour of the night to go pee!    Pain in the arse
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  • I'm at about every hour right now, but its annoying enough. 

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