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update on level 2 ultrasound...

I had my level 2 ultrasound today and they found 2 possible markers for downs - which made my risk go from 1/60 to 1/30.  I know in my head that those are still good odds, but its just terrifying.  I also have to have a cardiogram because the heart was larger on one side than the other - which the doctor said could be fine but they want to check it out.  I find myself feeling guilty that I wasn't ready to have kids when I was younger.  I didn't think 36 was old - but this is so stressful.  My heart goes out to anyone else going through this....

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  • I have just been through some similar experiences with my pregnancy, Luckily things turned out fine.  I know this sounds crazy, but try to keep positive.  I ended up getting an amnio, and I know how the waiting can be horrific.  Looking back on it now I realise that they docotor's are obliged to give you all the info they find.  just because there is a soft marker does NOT mean the baby has Downs.

    Hope this helps, the ladies here are amazing.  let us know how it goes.


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  • Thanks, it really does help to see other people have gone through this with a good result.  I forgot to mention I had the maternit21 test (the amnio just scared me too much - but I'm neurotic on a good day :-)
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  • Crossing my fingers for you that you will get a good result with the Maternit21 test.  I'm surprised they didn't do the fetal echo right then. My tech did it at the same time as my level 2. But maybe their machine is different and can't do it?

    So one week until you get the results back?


  • imageButtercup011:
    Thanks, it really does help to see other people have gone through this with a good result.  I forgot to mention I had the maternit21 test (the amnio just scared me too much - but I'm neurotic on a good day :-)

    Just try to stay calm and think positive thoughts until you get your results. How long did they tell you? They told me 2 to 2 1/2 weeks but I had results in 1 1/2 weeks.  Lots of thoughts and prayers still coming your way!


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  • Thanks so much for all of your support!  I really appreciate it.  They didn't do the echo right away because they have a specific doctor who specializes in it (who wasn't there) so I go in for that Friday morning. They told me I'd have the results of the maternit21 within 2 weeks.  Its going to be a long two weeks - glad to hear some people got them sooner :-).  I also found out we are having a girl.  I'm really excited - just wish there wasn't this cloud of uncertainty but coming on here really does help because obviously I'm not the only one...
  • aww sweetie, I know how this feels and it is so scary. I posted on your last thread about my two soft markers and the experience we had ended up fine.   my t&p will be with you that you will have a positive outcome too and that you can try not to worry yourself sick while waiting for your results.  Remember to talk to your baby a lot and love her/him lots because one of the worst statistics that I read was that people stop bonding with their child if they think there may be something wrong. also remember that 1/30  equals 3.3/100 which means 96.7 children out of 100 will not have downs. I found looking at it that way helped ease my mind a lot.  hope you can find some comfort.
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  • Thanks, I did read your other post and it does help - you must have been so worried too. I'm really happy everything worked out for you.  Thanks for the great advice - those statistics are a good way to look at it :-)
  • I just got my results from my quad test back today.  I have a 1:62 chance of down syndrome.  It had me very upset earlier but all the ladies on here made me feel so much better about it.  I am having the level 2 u/s.  I'm just curious what exactly is it and what do you see with it?  This is my first baby and I am 40.  I know what you mean about not feeling ready sooner.  I just hadn't found the right man and he finally came into my life and so here I am at 40 having a baby.  I like when it is put in percentile.  It just seems so much more reassuring that way than a 1:62 or a 1:30.  Positive thoughts until you get the results.
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  • The level 2 ultrasoud took about an hour and they literally measured everything, from the babies fingers and toes, to the head - they want to make sure everything is growing properly.  If I didn't have this scare, I would have found it so much more enjoyable because it is really nice to see everything - and you find out the gender, if the baby cooperates.  Since you started with similar odds as I did, they may have you meet with a genetic counselor first (I did, and she explained everything in advance of what is going to happen, etc).  She also came in after to discuss the findings.  I found it very helpful to have someone discuss this with me who was an expert in the field.  Best of luck to you for good results!! 
  • I just wanted to let you know that I had the CVS done at 12 weeks since I'm 40 and my sister has a child with Down Syndrome.  Our CVS came back normal, but at the level 2 ultrasound at 20 weeks they found a soft marker for Down Syndrome - something on the heart.  My doctor said not to worry at all as we know we don't have a genetic problem and she really hates these soft marker screenings because they cause a lot of anxiety unnecessarily.  The odds are in your favor.  Hugs to you.
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