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Hi Ladies, H was in the Army years ago and I've just heard about USAA from a coworker. Do any of you use their services? If so, which do you have and do you recommend it?
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  • We use it for most of our banking and insurance aside from investments. Those we keep with a few other companies.  I have not a single complaint about USAA while I constantly hear friends complaining about their banks like BofA, Wells Fargo, etc. 
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  • We love USAA. We bank with them and they take care of our auto and personal property insurance.
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  • we love usaa. we use them for banking, auto insurance, and car insurance. no complaints

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  • MiahTMiahT member
    We've used them for renters insurance for several years now, and will be moving our car insurance over to them in July to bundle our two policies.  We've had no issues with them, and they treated us well the one time we had to file a claim after a break in.
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  • We have had them for years and I LOVE them. The customer service is 1. in America 2. speaks English 3. always helpful and kind. We have all of our banking, auto,home and life insurance through them. We've had to file claims before and I've never had an issue. They also give us really good rates because we use so many of their services.
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  • LOVE THEM!!!! they are one of the onY insurance companies tht cover houses in FL at reasonable prices. Stupid hurricanes. 

  • imageNavyPilotWife:
    We love USAA. We bank with them and they take care of our auto and personal property insurance.




  • LOVE USAA. They're my bank, insurance, and I refinanced my car through them. I also have a couple credit cards through them.
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  • Love USAA.  They are great to work with as an insuree and their rates are low in comparison.

    Also, I was in an auto accident and the other party had USAA and working with them from a claims perspective was great and hassle free - compared to other times when I've had to work with allstate or Geico.

    Used their auto buying service for competitive rates on our minivan last year and saved us some money and it was nice to walk into the dealer with a low price in hand to avoid the bargaining.

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  • We have had USAA car insurance since we got married and have had renters and personal property insurance added on within the last year and a half. I have never ever had a problem with them. In fact my parents have them too and when my mom was involved in an accident (that was completely not her fault) they had someone out to look at her car later that day! Her car was completely fixed (more than $3000 in damages), they paid for a rental car for the time that her car was in the shop and they even called my sister to check on my 1 year old niece who was in the car during the accident! We love USAA and won't be switching anytime soon.
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  • LOVE!!!!!!! We use them for banking, car insurance and home owners insurance. They have never let us down!!!!!!
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  • We've used them for nearly 2 years now for banking and insurance and have only had good experiences :) 
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  • We use USAA for our insurances, and I can't complain, they have been great.
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  • Seems redundant now, but I love USAA, and am always willing to sing their praises!

    We use the for banking, auto loans, mortgage loan, renters insurance (we rent an apartment), home owners insurance (we also own a home), auto insurance for cars and Motorcycles, and a boat, personal property insurance (my rings, computers, painting, my hobby?s bicycle, etc.) , and life insurance.

    We LOVE LOVE  LOVE them!

    For accidents, they are the best, taking care of everything! We have our water heater explode in our home, and they came in same day to take care of everything! All work was completed on our home, and the 3 surrounding homes it flooded in less than 2 weeks. It was amazing!

    They are wonderful!

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  • I'll add!  I love them!  We use them for everything.  Awesome customer service.
  • I used them for banking when I was single (my husband's current credit union's interest rates can't be beat anywhere, so we no longer use USAA for banking).  If we weren't with our CU, We would go with USAA, for sure!

     We save nearly $800 annually compared to State Farm for our car insurance.  Our State Farm rep even said "yeah, we can't beat USAA", so switching was a no-brainer

     We didn't go with USAA for our homeowner's insurance because I feel that they appraise the rebuild of our home WAY too high.  Now, because I live in NY might be a reason - everything here is expensive.

  • They offer a lot of services other banks charge you for ie checks, ATM costs, etc

    We have our mortgage, checking, savings, auto insurance, and until August renters insurance. They dropped us because we've made two claims in three years. We live in Hawaii. The number of break-ins is ridiculous here. That's the only real complaint I have about them.

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  • I love USAA.  We use them for our car insurance, our car loan, renters insurance, and our credit card.  We will be switching our banking over to them in the near future as well.  Anytime we have had a question or needed to call (when we got rear-ended on the highway, when the car broke down, etc) someone picks up the phone within the first few rings.  I have never been on hold with USAA.  All the representatives I have ever spoken to have been extremely friendly and they speak CLEARLY!  I could not possibly say enough good things about USAA, my husband says that of all his military benefits, access to USAA is the best one.  I absolutely recommend that you take advantage of their services!
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  • I am a 21 year member of USAA.  I just spoke with a USAA rep and, apparently, at either 25 or 30 years, I'll get yearly dividends.  I was shocked!  They are going to send me money for being a member.  LOL!

    I do all my banking, kids banking, home & auto insurance and investments with them.  I wouldn't dream of leaving them.  Many of their customer service reps are former military or military spouses so they really understand what you are going through!

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  • I worked for them for a year before having to pcs out of state and we have also been members forever( that includes all in laws, grandparents, aunts and uncles) they are great to work for and have finances through. if you keep open communication with them, they can help with anything! 
  • We use USAA for our checking, credit, homeowners ins, auto ins, car loans, and mortgage.  Highly recommend them!

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  • We use USAA for checking, savings, auto insurance and we have two loans (one personal and one auto) through them. Love them and don't plan to go anywhere else.
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  • Ebee27Ebee27 member

    Skimming the posts, wasn't sure if anyone mentioned their stock services, so thought I'd add - recently switched my stocks over to them from merrill lynch since I already had credit, checking and savings accounts with USAA and wanted everything in one place. They do cost basis recording, they gave me something like 50 free trades when I first switched over, and I've never had any problems with their investment services. Every time I call with a question or for advice, they're incredibly helpful and always offer to let me chat with a financial advisor to make sure I'm in a good place, for free! Love them, always have (been a member since my Dad put me on their car insurance when I was 16, 11 years ago!). And everyone has it right - you seriously can not beat their car insurance rates. 

    They told me once over the phone that you can even have them insure uniforms and belongings while deployed, so if anything (I don't know what all exactly, sorry) happens while the soldier/sailor is away they'll cover it with a personal property insurance. Just thought that was kinda neat :)

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