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  • are people serious?...honestly
  • Weird and scary. Sad Does anyone watch Entourage? There was an episode where one of the characters met a woman who wanted him to dress up as a bunny and have sex. That's the only place I've ever heard of Dog sex.
  • Surprise  WTF!  Seriously, i need to wash my eyes...the second one did me in No NOT COOL!
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  • Oh my, scary.
    TTC #1 since October 2008. Dealing with MFI.
    IVF #1 w ICSI in July 2010 = BFN
    IVF #2.1 in Oct 2010 converted to IUI = BFN
    IVF #2.2 w ICSI in Dec 2010 = BFN
    Met with new RE in new city on 1/31/11.
    IVF #3 w ICSI in April 2011. HPT on 5/9 = BFP!
    Beta #1 on 5/10 (10dp5dt) = 99.4. Beta #2 on 5/12 = 284. First u/s on 5/26. = Fraternal TWINS!
    Twin boys born & lost on 8/16/11 at 18w1d due to PPROM & preterm labor.
    IVF #4.1 in Jan 2012 converted to IUI on 1/7/12 = BFN
    IVF #4.2 w ICSI in Feb 2012. Lupron on 2/10. Stims on 2/18. ER on 2/29- 7R,6F
    ET scheduled for 3/5/12- nothing to transfer :(
    Dh seeing new MFI uro & Dh starting meds- June 2012.
    IVF #5 in Dec 2012 = BFFN.
    IVF #6 planned for Spring 2013. Praying for our take home baby/ies.
    **P/SAIF and P/SAL always welcome!**

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  • Yeah, those posts all stemmed from one particular one over on the Tri boards today.  LOL.
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  • I remember seeing documentary about "furries" a while ago. They have conventions where they meet other "furries". They prefer to have sex in costume. I couldn't even imagine...eccck!!

  • To think I got out of bed for a drink and a peek at GP and this is what I see...Now I am blind...Goodnight!
  • Ok, not that I am an expert (LOL) but furries are people who like to dress up like furry animals and some like to have sex that way. The Entourage episode is a great example and was hilarious. The second picture of that kid holding the dad's genitals is disgusting  and disturbing and not what "furries" is about.
  • I just threw up in my mouth a lot.
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    How is it that my BABY is going to be 3?

    BFP-2/25/11; 8 Wk U/S-3/25/11-No HB, measured 6.5 wks; D&C
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