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ob visits

hi!  i'm 18 weeks pregnant.  i'm seeing an OB and a perinatologist because of high risk pregnant.  i don't know if i receive good enough care because my peri doesn't give me ultrasound on his own.  his sonographer gave me ultrasound on every appointment.  On the other hand, my OB never gave me an ultrasound.  i only had one from the nurse practitioner on my first ob visit.  i have received many treatments before getting to this stage.  i just want to know if I'm in good hand. or is it a common practice for them during pregnancy visit?  appreciate for any feedback.  :)

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Re: ob visits

  • I think, not 100% sure, that if the sonographer sees something, they will then get the OB.  They should be trained well enough to read the u/s and recognise a problem, I would hope, but I would definately ask my peri at the next appointment about it.
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  • Like pp said, that is fairly common. I'm actually an RN on a high-risk pregnancy unit and many of our perinatologists have sonographers perform the ultrasounds.
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