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Talk to me about the Baby Crack Machine :)

So, we finally met our niece over thanksgiving - obviously she was adorable and precious :) We were thinking about Xmas gifts for SIL & BIL and they were talking about some trouble getting her to sleep alone. Is that something this legendary Baby Crack Machine would help with? 

Do you think that'd be a good gift?  What do you guys use it for - was there an age it's ideal for?

 Oh, and is THIS it?

Re: Talk to me about the Baby Crack Machine :)

  • That's the machine.  It's cheaper at BB&B and Wal-Mart, so keep that in mind.  How old is your niece? 

    I go back and forth about the sound spa.  When Nate was much younger (newborn to around 3-4 months) I think that white noise was helpful for him.  We used the sound spa on the ocean setting and I think it helped him sleep some.  On the other hand, I personally do not like white noise and it really annoyed me to hear it all the time.  Now that he's older, we use it sometimes, but I really don't know if it makes a difference or not.  I occasionally try the projection thing and it keeps Nate's interest for a few mins.  All in all, a white noise CD might be just as good as the sound spa, especially if you could put it on repeat.  I do think it's a pretty good gift though and had you asked me when Nate was a little younger, I probably would've said it was a must have. 

  • We are using it at this exact moment [4:36 a.m.] and it is HEAVEN. Baby Girl seems to prefer the running water. Check LNT also. They may still have some in stock. Cary's location did a week or two ago.

    Katie, Duke Gardens, 6months


    Zach, Duke Gardens, 6months


    Photo courtesy from the amazing Ever You Photography!

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  • My niece is 2 months old (today actually)! Thanks for the heads up - maybe I'll have to dig up a 20% off BB&B coup.
  • Do they have any crib toys already?  If they have something that already projects or has lights on it, then this might just end up being unnecessary.  You might be better off just getting a CD player and a CD, that way the CD Player can be used as she grows up to play other CDs as well.  We have an aquarium thing on the crib that we turn on if little man needs lights or something to look at, and then we have a CD of lullaby songs that we play for noise.  This is what worked for the girls as well.

    Just another thought...

  • I think it's like $19.99 at BBB, plus you can use the 20% off coupon!
  • We love it!

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  • It's been great for DD.  We use it mostly to filter out all the sounds in the hosue while she's sleeping -- her door doesn't keep all the sounds of the kitchen out so it helps.  I use the projection at night when she's fussy and won't go to sleep -- she likes to watch the display and fall asleep, but I don't keep it on all night because it is pretty bright.
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