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First Santa PIP

We took Natalie to see Santa today.  She did such a good job -- we thought for sure she might cry when we sat her on his lap but she seemed pretty happy -- I think she was intrigued by his beard; she loves grabbing hair! 


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Re: First Santa PIP

  • Adorable!!

    Last year's Santa pics turned out great for us - john was 5 months old. This year, not so much : ) We stopped by one of the mall santas today just out of curiosity and I have never seen john climb with the speed of a monkey up DH's neck to get away from Santa.


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  • She is TOO cute!  Thanks for sharing!
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  • What a cute pic! I am so happy it went well. We took Ashley last year, she was almost 5 months old and it was awful, she screamed. We took her this year and same thing, she screamed again. Maybe we will try again next year.

  • very cute!

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