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San Diego/La Jolla area OBs?

Hey ladies,

I'm 25 weeks preggers, relocating to San Diego (La Jolla) in 2 weeks from New York, and I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on OBs? Also, is Scripps the hospital that is closest? Would you recommend that?

Need all the help I can get! The move is pretty sudden and I loved my OB in NY, but she didn't know any San Diego based doctors to refer me to :(

Please help! And very much appreciated. 

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Re: San Diego/La Jolla area OBs?

  • I know someone who works at SCRIPPS La JOLLA and she recommended me to Dr. Kimberly Washkowiak. I have gone to her once (I am not pg yet) and she was great!


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  • Scripps La Jolla would be the closest to you and it's a great facility. We've been in and out for a shortening cervix so we've come to know the hospital, doctors and nurses. I recommend Dr Kristin Lee at Scripps La Jolla campus. Their number is 858 554 7700. I've lived in SD my whole life so if you have any other questions let me know I'm happy to help! 


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  • tamkomtamkom member

    I highly recommend Jon Lischke. He is in IGO medical group in La Jolla

    I've heard all the doctors in this group are great!

  • Hi there! We moved from NY as well about 6 years ago and now live in Rancho Sante Fe but my kids go to school at La Jolla Country Day.  I used to go to Dr. Dale Mitchell but found him to be a bit harsh.  He's a GREAT Dr.  No B.S. kind of guy but he does not give you the warm and fuzzies.  If you want a Dr. that knows his stuff but doesn't give the hugs etc...he's your guy.  I most definitely trusted him 100%.  My issue was that I needed more from him because well, I'm a girl and I'm pregnant and therefore, a bit more sensitive than he would like  :)

    Since this pg is a new one for me now (I'm just now 6 weeks) I am planning on going to Dr. Kristin Lee because I have heard nothing but fabulous things regarding her.  I need to be released from my RE first but once that happens, I will hopefully be scheduling my first appt with her soon.  :)

    Maybe we can catch up some time.  Believe it or not, I STILL haven't found the best of friends here yet.  Plus, I love a New Yorker any day.  :)

    Hopefully you can message me your email and I can give you my cell and we can maybe get together.  Do you have any other children?

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  • I also recommend IGO (see above) in the UTC/ La Jolla area. Our DR was Dr. Amita Jain and she was AWESOME! I've been going to IGO for over 10 years (Dr. Young) and when I got prego Dr. Jain took over (she is one of the newest Dr's in the practice) and we absolutely LOVED her!!!!

    And, YES, Scripps Hospital was AMAZING!

    On a different note - La Jolla Yoga Center's prenatal classes were FANTASTIC! I actually enjoyed pushing and feel strongly that those classes helped tremendously.

     ENJOY :-)  (private message me if you'd like any other tips)

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