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Not sure that I'm in the right place.  We just found out the DS has asthma.  He is staring with 4 breathing treatments a day and we'll go from there.  We will see a specialist after the holiday...  Any advice?  He hates the nebulizer and I have to wrestle him to do the treatment.  I am hoping he will get use to it and cooperate at some point (why I would think that I don't know he doesn't cooperate with diaper changes?)... 

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  • I am a lurker as my oldest had special needs as an infant, but had surgery and does not have special needs anymore.  He still has asthma but we can control it pretty well.  My youngest is now behind developmentally, but I don't feel like I quite fit the mold of this group where these moms have more challenging issues ahead (you are all such strong women!)  But I like to see about therapies people are doing etc in case anything could benefit my son.  And will certainly post if there is anything I think I can help with! 

    Anyways, wanted to say first that my youngests sons name is Luca! 

    Also, my oldest was diagnosed with asthma right after his first birthday (a little boy came to his birthday with a cold, sneezed directly into my sons face, it turned into RSV and ended with a life long disease of asthma...great!)  Anyways, we found that when my son was younger and Really needed a breathing treatment he'd be great for it.  His asthma really kicks in when he is sick, most of the time he's okay otherwise, but when he has a cold its nebulizer time up to every four hours depending on how severe the cold.  So when he was really struggling to breathe he'd sit still for the treatment.  When he started to feel better he'd fight it.  We would do it in front of the tv to try and distract him, let him have his binky, and my husband would hold him on his lap and hold down his arms and i'd sit in front of him and hold the mask and try to distract him. 

    He is now three, and its much easier!  Sometimes he asks for "his nebulizer."  We let him help us set it up and he loves that, he still gets bored halfway through but we can distract him pretty easily by talking about something he really likes, or about something fun that is coming up. 

    Good luck with your son!  I know its scary.  Our ped said that often when kids get asthma as a child they will outgrow it, so we are hopeful that he will.  I have asthma but didn't get it until an adult so I won't be outgrowing it, however, its pretty controlled.  Just from my own experience when I'm having a bad asthma flare cold things and milk make it worse.  So we try to do less milk when my son is having a problem, and avoid ice cream etc.  Ice cream almost always sets me off :( 

  • You could create a small tent with a towel or a light blanket. When you start the nebulizer, you can put a blanet over both of your heads (creating a small tent), that way the a lot of medicine won't escape. 

    Good luck!

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  • I'm usually a lurker, but I've had asthma since childhood,

    and the tent idea is one that worked well in my experience.

     Also, and this might have to wait until he's a bit older, see

    if you can have a fun aspect to it.  If you have a goofy

    hat that you only wear at treatment time, or he has a

    special costume piece or toy or something fun that

    comes out for treatments, that can help make it less

    like medicine and more like a somewhat enjoyable

    part of the day's routine.


    Mother's Day, 2011
  • I'm a lurker as well, but DS has asthma as well.  He hates the nebulizer so much that we've taken to giving it to him when he sleeps.  The nebulizer we use is called "Pari LC" and has an elbow piece that allows you to use it while the baby is lying down.  It has worked wonders for us.
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