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AR baby, help!

My son is now three weeks old over a week ago he was diagnosed with AR. The pediatrician put him on Zantac. Originally he was taking it every 12 hours but after two days of no change the dr upped his dose to every 8 hours. At his recheck this week (1 week after beginning meds) there was still no change so they put him on prevacid once every 24 hrs. today is his second day and he still has no change.... I know some medications take time but he just gets sooo fussy and in pain that I don't know what else to do. I have also been giving him some gripe water which seems to help a little. i just want him to feel better and for my husband and I and the baby to get some sleep. He has not been sleeping longer than 1.5 to 2 hours at a time due to all of the pain/fussiness. I would really appreciate some advice!

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  • What is your lo sleeping in? Mine preferred sleeping on her tummy on my chest when hers was bad (before meds). Now she loves her rock n play which keeps her on her incline. I also let her sleep on her tummy for naps during the day. I hope your Ped is also to find a good medication. I am sure there is a good fit out out there. Also are you BFing or FFing? If FFIng, maybe switch brands? Good luck to you!
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  • My son has AR too. My Dr. had me put rice cereal in his bottles and keep him inclined while sitting or sleeping. I also switched him to a Sensitive formula. I know there are a couple of different brands that help with the gas. It sounds like your son's is worse that mine so I don't know if this will help him at all, but you could try. My son just spit up a lot! Good luck.
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  • What is your LO eating?
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  • It took 10-14 days for the medication to help, and then we decided that LO had a milk intolerance so it took another 18 days to get a happy baby... it has been a long month!
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  • LO is BF from a bottle. He seems a little better today but still gets his fussy parts of the day. Thanks for all of the great advice ladies!
  • My baby girl was doing the same thing..I was breastfeeding and not only was she extremely fussy but she had excessive hiccups and constant spit up.  I started to supplement Similac Sensitive Soy per pedi but she continued with the same problems.  Then he switched her to Similac Sensitive for Spit up which has rice starch in it.  It is also good for ar.  She was doing quite a bit better but still really fussy and uncomfortable and not sleepy well at all.  So as much as I hated it I took her off of my breastmilk and put her full time on the similac for spit up.  It took maybe a day or two and she has been the happiest baby ever...fewer hiccups and less spit up and she is now 10 weeks and her first round of sleep at night time is 7-8 hours wakes up to eat then back down right away for another 3 hours or so.  I also put her on her belly to sleep.
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