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visitors and c-section. .. .

People are asking if they can visit us at the hospital.  My inclination is yes, that as long as no one stays very long, I would love to have visitors while I'm recovering.  I'm a little concerned though if I'll be up to having visitors at the hospital or not.  My parents and DH parents will totally come and I have no issue w/ them being there from day one - but what about others? 

If you had a c-section, did you feel up for visitors after the first day or two?

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Re: visitors and c-section. .. .

  • my parents flew in the same day and were here for a week.  i LOVED having them here, and i don't know what i would have done without them.  they were insanely helpful.

    we didn't have any other visitors right away, as we don't know many people in this area besides coworkers.

  • Yes!  ...but I wasn't allowed visitors in the Recovery Room
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  • I had visitors constantly.  To the point that I had DH run people out of my room so I could BF or nap.  I had a constant stream of friends and family, and honestly, it continued for the first week at home too.  I felt pretty good, and my pain was tolerable, but I was very much exhausted.  I did 15 hours of labor before the section, so that might make a difference. 

    My suggestion is to talk to your DH ahead of time.  Make a "code" word or something to alert him that you have had enough.  That way you won't have the extra burden of telling well meaning visitors to leave.  It's his job as the new daddy to run interference on the visiting.

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  • The first day I just wanted to sleep. I was still out of it from the drugs and lack of sleep. It was nice to have maybe just DH or my mom come and help with the baby, but I wasn't much for conversation until the second day.

    But, that being said, I had quite a few visitors every day I was there and I was okay. 

  • We had a good many visitors and I was fine for it.  Nobody would stay very long but made us feel loved :)
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  • I didnt have a c section, but I was kinda sad before I had him as I knew noone would be there to visit us since we moved here not long ago.  After he was born though, I was SO GLAD we had no visitors.  You get interrupted enough as it is  with all the hospital staff and it was so nice for DH and I to just sit there and stare into the eyes of our new baby boy instead of entertaining guests.
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  • We have family in the area, but the only "visitors" I had were my mom and J, who took turns staying overnight with me and baby, and my stepsons.  I had thought my grandpa and aunts and uncles might come, but we never called and invited anyone and I liked it that way.
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  • The first day was a little much, but the next day I enjoyed visitors. 
  • Like the pp, I had gone through a long labor before and had gone 36 hours with no sleep, so I was not up for visitors at all during the first day or two.  But I was in the hospital for so long that by the end it was better to have visitors.

    You'll find that the hospital staff bugs you so much that you can hardly get any sleep or a minute alone, so you might not want anyone else adding to that.  It all really depends on you.

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  • Yeah, I think it is a personal thing.  I loved the attention by the staff - I had a fresh water and cranberry juice brought to me like every hour.  But all I wanted to do was sit and hold my new little man and I wouldn't have had the energy to see anyone else.
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  • I had my c/s in the morning, and had a few visitors by early afternoon.  I was on pain meds so I wasn't in pain or anything.  The next day we were all pretty tired just from being up that first night with the baby.  I'd have visitors if you want, just ask them to wait for your DH to call and say it's okay so you can be certain you're up for it first, and only give them certain hours to come by. 


  • I had a good experience with my c/s and recovery, but I was really only up to seeing my parents. (DH's parents live far away.) Between the constant nursing and tending to baby's needs, and the exhuastion, there just wasn't a good time for other visitors. That said, I loved having my mom and dad there. They were helpful and I felt totally comfortable with them there. I had friends who were going to come up, and then completely understand when I told them that I wanted to see them when we got home.
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  • I thought that I didn't want visitors, but it was SO boring w/o them.  The first two days were fine and then I had a hard time on the 2nd night/3rd day w/ labor pains and didn't want anyone but DH and my mom in the room.

    I was excited to get all of the visiting out of the way by the time we went home.  Then I didn't have to entertain at my house, everyone had already seen DD.

    Be sure to take a robe with you. I forgot mine and wish that I had brought it for when visitors were in the room and I had to get up and walk around.  Good Luck!!!

  • I had visitors from day one...I really appreciated the support.  The only day where I needed peace was the second day after all the drugs started wearing off and the exhaustion hit me.  I was lucky and no one really overstayed their welcome.  If you have someone who you think may be a problem, let the nurses know and they will kick them out for you.


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  • I was way too druged to even care the first day. The following days I really didnt mind. I would rather them come to the hospital and not stay that long. The thing that was hard though was watching everyone get to hold her while I couldnt even get out of bed.
  • Yes, I had visitors, but only family/very close friends.  I told them to hold off the masses because I was so exhausted/out of it due to the drugs.  I had a catheter bag and felt like I had been run over, so I was really trying to keep it nice and chill.

    But having my mom, DH's ILs and my best friends really helped to perk me up.  Also, DH didn't want to leave me/the baby, so they were great errand runners!


    OH one good tip.  Pack your own nightgown.  I packed my regular pajamas (pants and a cami) and they SO didn't work (too painful to try and put on.)  I had to have my mom run to Target and get me a gown so I wasn't rockin' the ugly hospital one, LOL.

  • I didn't have a c-section, but my sister did. She was glad to have my Mom/Dad and us (her sisters) there to help. She did complain about other visitors like my Aunts/Uncles that would show up without warning. She was in pain a lot and needed help getting in and out of the bed and her gown was open in the back with that big pad. She didn't like everyone watching her like that.
  • Honestly, I did not want any visitors other than my and DH's immediate family. My parents and IL's were there a lot, and my brother and SIL came a few times, but I ordered DH to tell everyone else to wait until we got home to visit. I felt awful after my c/s, but I was also in labor for 25 hours before the c/s (unplanned, obviously). I was also having bfing issues, and I didn't want to feel inhibited about pulling out a boob if DS needed to eat.
  • I only had dh and my sister there. I had my c/s on a Mon and my parents flew in weds morning. I didn't want anyone other than those people there and it worked out really well b/c I was exhausted and trying to bf. Also, keep in mind that you will have a lot of hospital personnel coming in at random times. I had the obnoxious photo people coming in, the LCs, Some lady came in to get consent to use blood that had already been drawn for other tests for a diabetes study. The hearing test lady, nurses, etc..It would have been annoying to me to have extra visitors on top of all that comotion. I begged my dr to let me go home on the 3rd day so that I could have peace.?
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