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2nd parent adoption - detailes

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my mom and dad and moms BFF cane in and my uncle who lives down the street came .... We had to be at courthouse in court  by 9:30  Arrived on time but the x-ray machine was broken so UGG hand search everyone took forever get up to room and court Marshall tells us that the Judge wants us in her Chambers. I worry - attny no where to be found we go up to chambers and wait  few min pass the marshall kept asking if your attny is here yet NO... I text her she was down stairs in court room because she had no clue we were up stairs

we all connected and then went in to chambers... I asked attny if this was typical she said no I WORRIED even more

all of us in chambers Thank GOD her office was big ...  Judge said Oh you brought the whole "Meshpucha"  yiddish for family I was taken back and some how that just calmed my nerves a tad.  She also said some other things in yiddish - about the girls  ...Melanie and I were sworn in ...GULP and she went over the paper work we stated our names and then she asked questions  how long were we together and upon having the girls  was it my intention to always be their Mother? Am I financially capable ? Am i ready for them as Teenagers?  and DO I THINK I AM CAPABLE of taking care of them ... Now I am a sass ass and it was so hard not to respond snarky but I managed.  The only question I paused at was how long Melanie and I have been a couple .. I was confused because we have so many date- I said 11 years  but judge was referring to our Domestic Partnership in NV  so we all fixed that issue she laughed  and made light of it . Said she waived the home study and the termination of parentage for the "FATHER"  and then she declared me their MOMMY and gave the girls a ring pop each because we are now married as a family and  said how cute and well behaved they are .. and we took pictures!  I said thank you she congratulated us .. and it was done ...

Upon leaving my dad asked the Judge what exactly do i get and what i used it for ... I get a decree which is a certified copy and I should not ever loose it because its a PIA to get another one you have to get it court ordered.  YIKES and then she shrugged and said I dont know where you would need to use it and I dont know that any one would ask for it  and looked to my attorney  and said do you know if anyone asked to see this ...my ATTNY replied and the Judge just seemed so shocked that someone would ask me for this document and said well I am not sure it would be an issue because the Girls already have J's Last name and so no one would prolly question that.  

We all came back to our house and had brunch and hung out 


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Re: 2nd parent adoption - detailes

  • CONGRATULATIONS! How great is that! :)
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  • Congrats again - glad everything went well.

    We're just starting to look into all the paperwork and I admit is daunting - but I'm excited to do it once Kaden's born.  It's great to hear the happy ending to the long journey.  :-)



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  • Congrats!!!  This is so exciting.  I am glad it all went well.
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  • Congratulations!  Glad it all went well and that you were put at ease early on.
  • i'm so happy for you! our second parent adoption hearing is on august 29th! I'm super excited for my partner to be an official "mommy" to our kiddo! 
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